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Valenta Provides Consulting, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation and Learning Services

Valenta helps businesses increase their profitability by optimizing their processes, implementing automation, and providing staff augmentation.  We continually identify opportunities for efficiency for our clients and customers.

Valenta Has People and Locations Across The World

Our Managing Partners are located in cities across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We also have partners in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Valenta nearshore and offshore staff are located virtually and in service centers, we operate in top offshoring destinations including India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Trinidad, and Columbia.

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We are focused on providing services to midsized companies and organizations.  Valenta offers flexible engagements with the goal of getting needed technology, services and people into the businesses of our customers all while providing a clear ROI.  Valenta’s main service offerings are Consulting, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation and Learning.


Valenta provides a full suite of business consulting services. Business Process Optimization, Business Strategy, and Digital Strategy are all offered by Valenta. Additionally, ERP and CRM consulting, and implementation is provided. Valenta also offers Supply Chain, Sustainability and HR and Talent Management consulting as well as other specialty consulting services. Our engagements and services include in country experts plus offshore talent.

Digital Transformation

Valenta provides comprehensive Digital Transformation Consulting plus a wide range of Digital Transformation Managed Services. We can enable and execute automation projects that provide increased efficiencies and profits. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Conversational AI, Managed Data Analytics, Process and Task Mining as well as Test Automation are all provided by Valenta. We help our clients digitally transform every day.


Powered By Valenta is our Learning Platform focused on midsized companies and small businesses. Many companies today are struggling with training employees and developing highly skilled workers. We’ve developed professional business courses that keep people engaged, motivated, and performing at their best every day. Powered By Valenta provides actionable training from expert facilitators. Six Sigma, Human Skills and Business skills training are all available.

Our People

Valenta has Managing Partners located in cities across the world. Our Managing Partners are coming from a variety of industries including, Technology, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply and Logistics, Automotive, Aviation, Telecom, Law, Professional Services and more. Our offshore staff are located in countries with well trained, well educated and cost effective labor pools. Valenta services include a perfect blend of in country, onshore, nearshore, and offshore staff.