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We wanted to publish an article on a webinar and podcast released a few months back as part of our Valenta Insider Series. The episode highlights the three pillars of digital marketing. Digital marketing is essential to every business, yet it is often misunderstood or overcomplicated. Focusing on the three main pillars of digital marketing which include Messaging, Websites and Social Media can provide businesses with clarity of purpose and good action plans. This episode is available on YouTube if you wish to watch it, and Apple and Spotify if you wish to listen.

Panelists & Guests

Our panelists for this podcast were Valenta Managing Director, Kishore Siva and Paula McClean, Founder and Director at PAK Digital. Kishore leads Valenta activities in the New York City metro area and the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Kishore had a twenty-four plus year career in big banking with the likes of Wells Fargo and HSBC prior to joining Valenta to help us commence US operations. Paula has over 20 years of marketing experience and has had a front row seat as well as been an active participant in the evolution of digital marketing. For much of her career, she has been focused on the communications and marketing requirements of midsized companies and small business. She has been an active collaborator with Valenta over the years from her home base in Brisbane Australia.

What Was Covered

During their discussion Paula and Kishore cover a wide range of topics around digital marketing. Paula discusses and proposes a fresh simplistic approach to digital marketing. There is beauty in simplicity. There is also clarity and focus. Paula’s points are spot on and are completely in sync with many that we made in our blog post What is Digital Marketing. Paula states all marketing starts with the message, and we agree with that 110%. That message in the parlance of digital marketing is content marketing. Branding is critically important, and a companies tag line being on target is essential. Messaging and content marketing carefully thought out up front flows through everything else and the other two pillars Paula highlights of Websites and Social Media.

Paula makes the statement that a website no longer is a simple digital space, it is no longer just an online brochure. We agree, we believe it is a company’s place in the digital world and on a digital map. She speaks about social proofing on a website and making sure to include as many case studies, use cases, etc. to make a connection with visitors and customers. She also discusses a user experience on the website, their interaction with content, plus site speed. Paula shares that anything over 3 seconds to load a page is bad and that it is a real drag on Google search engine ratings. She also shares that there is a 33% bounce after 3 seconds if a page does not load. Wow…

When discussing social media Paula makes the point that it is the best way to connect with an audience and customers on a personal level. It is also the best way to be able to give your company brand a personality. Paula makes the point that businesses do not need to be on every single channel and that for B2B Linked In is best and that for B2C Facebook is best. Paula also spends time speaking with Kishore on Google Ads, Linked In Social Media campaigns, and EDM / electronic direct mail. She also clears up some common misconceptions about the differences between SEO and SEM/PPC.

All in all, this was a really fun and easy to watch or listen to conversation. We will plan on having some follow up conversations with other digital marketing experts like Paula. Maybe we will even have Paula back for a round two. We really appreciate her contribution to this Insider Series episode as well as all her other collaboration.

Insider Series & Valenta

The Insider Series is a regular podcast and online seminar where we discuss and look at top industry trends and technology. We also share customer success stories and partner experiences and perspectives. We have a deep back catalog on a variety of topics. All our discussions are coming from our perspective of providing services to midsized companies and small businesses.

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