4 Job Skills that Will Survive the Coming Revolution of Work

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We are living in a time of constant technological advancement, and with rapid change comes the need for people to take stock of the skills that will remain relevant in the workspaces of the future. How can you ensure that you keep a stable place in your industry, now and moving forward? These are some of the most important skills that have already proven invaluable to workers as our world advances into a new revolution of work.

1. Technological Expertise

It’s not surprising that as digital transformation spreads across a wide variety of industries, tech skills are some of the most basic tools in any successful worker’s toolkit. Whether it’s learning some simple coding or taking a computer class, there are lots of ways to expand your technological expertise – and you can acquire these skills from the comfort of your own home. 

Specific skills that are in demand right now include abilities with app development, computer graphics, software engineering, and software testing. If you run a business, artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing advancements, and it’s proving to be a game-changer. 

From the simplest bots that handle repetitive, mundane tasks (Robotic Process Automation) to conversational AI solutions that interact directly with your customers and employees, expertise with these technologies — or at least a basic understanding of them — is one of the most crucial skills today. And if you’re an employee, experience working with these emerging technologies gives you an advantage over competitors with little or no experience.

2. Mastery of Digital Marketing

In its simplest form, digital marketing is any marketing venture that uses some digital method. While you don’t need high-level certification to become a digital marketer, tech fluency and an understanding of the internet is a must. 

A business owner with tech fluency can easily purchase banner ads on a popular website or advertise products and services via email. But there are many newer avenues for digital marketing you can explore, like social media influencing, search engine optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing. 

Deploying intelligent software robots within your business is a great way to optimize marketing and sales. BOTS on your sales team improves the efficiency of cross- and up-selling by triggering suggestions of recommended products. AI learns from context and user interaction and tailors suggestions to each customer specifically. 

As an employee, your tech fluency and ability to work alongside these intelligent BOTS make you highly marketable in the future – no matter what industry you find yourself in.

3. Adaptability in Journalism

As a journalist, your job will always be important no matter what radical changes occur in the world. Skills in journalism never fall out of demand, because the world’s thirst for factual news remains constant over time. But in the ever-changing digital age, journalists have to adapt to new methods of distributing information.

In the current revolution of work, this requires skills in communication, media production — and of course, writing. And since most people access the news electronically today, journalists with an understanding of SEO and even AI have a leg up over the competition. 

In the world of news today, organizations are already implementing AI functions like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and document understanding to automate the journalistic process. Knowledge of these new technological advancements — along with your skills as a journalist — ensures you’ll remain relevant in your field moving into the future.

4. Proficiency in People Management

People management isn’t a set of skills you should only care about if you’re looking for a managerial position. In fact, knowing how to work with others in a positive, efficient manner is one of the most important skills in the workplace, now and into the future – and it’s a skill that’s valued in all industries.

Good communication and problem-solving skills help build rapport with your coworkers and superiors. If you have people working under you, these skills are the foundation of motivating your team through constructive criticism and giving credit where it’s due. 

In today’s work ecosystem, some of the coworkers you interact with might just be robots! Conversational AI has a wide range of use cases in HR and Customer Support, providing intelligent automation that streamlines interactions and maxes productivity and customer satisfaction. 

As a new hire, you might be aided by an intelligent chatbot – something more business owners are looking into as an investment for the future. The changing landscape of work leans toward increased digitization of people management. Since these tools are useful in any industry, knowledge of them is key for maximizing your people management skills.

Don’t Just Survive — Thrive in the Future of Work

In today’s ever-evolving job market, knowing what skills will stay relevant into the future — and mastering them to the extent you can — helps you succeed in any industry. Maintaining up-to-date skills in people management, journalism, digital marketing, and tech keeps you adaptable in a changing world — and that’s what every employer needs in the coming revolution of work.