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We wanted to publish an article on a webinar and podcast released as part of our Valenta Insider Series. The episode highlights how automation and staff augmentation are the future to healthcare operations. The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense pressure on the healthcare system. The industry was already adopting newer ways of working and digitizing patient records while implementing automation throughout their business processes to increase overall efficiency and productivity, … but now, post pandemic, those efforts are even more critical. This episode is available on YouTube if you wish to watch it, and Apple and Spotify if you wish to listen.

Panelists & Guests

Our panelists for this podcast were Valenta Managing Director, Alan Peck and Valenta Managing Partner, Shan Mukundan. Prior to joining Valenta and joining the US leadership team Alan had twenty five plus years of a experience in the medical equipment business. Alan leads our activities in the Northeast and Midwest. Shan is an accomplished leader in the healthcare industry with over two decades of experience in the United States. He was the National Medical Director at Aetna overseeing large Accountable healthcare organizations across the U.S. Prior to that, he was Chief Medical Officer for a large regional health network in Arizona managing 1,000 primary care physicians and 5,000 specialty physicians. He has a proven talent for analyzing root causes of problems, restructuring systems, and successfully implementing solutions within complex hospital systems

What Was Covered

During their discussion Alan and Shan covered a wide range of topics around healthcare operations. They covered everyday pain points of medical practices and lessons from COVID-19. They hit on automation solutions and technological implementation specific to medical practices. They also spend a fair amount of the podcast discussing scut work and how looking for solutions to streamline or automate this can have outsized impact for health care providers.

The term scut comes from the acronym, “some clinically useful task.” Scut work has a negative connotation. However, it is required work for a reason, and it must get done for medical offices to run smoothly. Scut work are tasks that can be completed by someone without a medical degree. This type of work while necessary does not require the highest skills set. A practice does not want higher paid staff doing this, and certainly it does not want doctors doing it. Medical assistants and virtual physician scribes can off load scut work in a medical practice. Automation can also play a significant role in streamlining or offloading this work. RPA (robotic process automation) and Conversational AI are extremely well suited to healthcare applications and Shan and Alan discuss how they can be leveraged.

As the session continued Alan and Shan spent time on how practices can seek to get doctors more time with patients through the use of automation and medical staff augmentation. They also spent time on how practices can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Alan and Shan clearly both have a passion for the healthcare business and their commitment to providers was on obvious display. We think you will find this Insider Series edition very interesting and insightful if you also have an interest in healthcare … and don’t we all? We all need it and are customers of this vital service.

Insider Series & Valenta

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