Case Study

Coldbuster Floor Heating Enhances Operations with Zoho One Integration

Case Study



Distributor of Electric Floor Heating Systems



Applications Used

Valenta Solutions

  • Automation of quotes Creation process and extraction of shipping cost.
  • Development of the order tracking mechanism.
  • Linking of the inventory system to the crm.
  • Development of a sales forecasting module.
  • Development of customer feedback mechanism.
  • Enhancement of the campaigns Module within Zoho One .

Our Approach

The primary objective was to propel business growth by prioritizing customer satisfaction, enabling customization, and achieving optimal operational efficiency.

Valenta considered a phase wise approach towards building an effective operating framework. Key elements of design were considered were finalised after discussions with the leadership and in alignment with best practices.

The emphasis was to ensure minimal manual intervention with the backend automating key steps across core operations for various user groups.

Key Focus Areas

Quote Creation

Our key implementations included the establishment of a quote builder for computing quotes by aggregating core products, accessories, and relevant tax rates. The focus was on automating multiple aspects of the quoting process for heaters and related accessories which are customized for specific flooring types. Using the Zoho Creator module within the Zoho One suite, provisions were made to create a dynamic quote based on the nature of heaters, and flooring types selected.

Integration to a Shipment Provider

Each dynamic quote generated in Zoho would also contain the estimated shipping cost based on product dimensions and delivery location, owing to an API integration with the service provider portal which contained the rate card. This in turn helped the users save time from logging into the external portal and verifying the shipping cost.


We also developed a forecasting module in Zoho Creator that would project the upcoming orders based on historical data and prior order patterns.

Order Tracking

With a view to provide complete visibility to the order lifecycle, the order tracker was established capturing key stages of the customer journey upon approval of the quote. Efforts were geared to ensure that the customer in the frontend, and the internal teams in the backend, received relevant information at each stage – order confirmation and processing, shipment, dispatch, delivery, receipt, and installation. Zoho CRM allows for custom modules to be built and hence this was utilised for Coldbuster.

Linking to Inventory

The introduction of the Zoho Inventory Management module enabled continuous monitoring of inventory levels and the establishment of re-order thresholds for key products. Further, the linking of inventory to the Orders Module in Zoho CRM ensured complete ensures complete visibility to the Order to Cash lifecycle.

Customer Feedback

A dedicated mechanism for customer feedback was instituted, using Zoho Survey, with the aim of systematically gathering and analysing inputs from customers. This proactive step serves to gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels and identifies areas for continuous improvement within the company’s operations.

Digital Campaigns

Valenta refined the campaign design and ensured the rollout of impactful marketing campaigns via Zoho Campaigns to effectively engage both existing and potential customers. The utilization of Zoho One’s marketing portal enabled precise campaign execution, contributing significantly to customer base expansion.

Data Migration

Efforts were geared towards ensuring a smooth transition of data from Excel sheets into the new system as part of the migration exercise. Several checks and validations were conducted to ensure data accuracy prior to Go Live.

Business outcomes & results

The implementation produced significant outcomes and impacts for Coldbuster, revolutionizing their operations and enhancing overall business performance. The establishment of a seamless Order to Cash process with the integration with the integration of inventory and the CRM helped garner efficiency in operations. In parallel, the systematic and targeted rollout of campaigns and the establishment of a customer feedback cycle contributed to consistent engagement, higher brand recall, and a substantial increase in customer satisfaction levels.

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