Case Study

Accountable Inc. Scales Accounting Operations with Strategic Digitization

Case Study



Accounting and Wealth Management


Ontario, Canada

Key Process

Identification and Deployment of a CRM Platform (Zoho One Implementation)

Applications Used

Valenta Solutions

  • Streamlined processes.
  • Deployment of cloud-based CRM / ERP System.
  • Enhancing the Customer Journey with Accountable Inc.
  • Automation of Processes and ensuring scalability of operations.

Accountable Inc. has a history of excellence spanning more than 30 years in accounting, bookkeeping, tax services and Wealth Management.

They have extensive experience in a broad range of industries from health care to manufacturing.

They offer the deep wealth management and accounting expertise and flawless professionalism to their larger customers but also reasonable rates and personal touch sought by small enterprises and private individuals.


Accountable Inc encountered significant operational challenges affecting operating efficiency and overall client experience. Even though they were in business for over 30 years, they lacked visibility into their core operations and overall customer experience.

Some of the key challenges faced by the client

  • Data Silos and no holistic view of customers or operations.
  • Inefficient and inconsistent processes.
  • Poor Experience Onboarding and Overall Experience.
  • Scalability was not possible without hiring more resources.
  • Higher operational costs.
  • Lack of personalized approach.
  • Adhoc approach to compliance.
  • No effective tools to manage company campaigns.

Recognizing the need to build efficiency in operations and improve the overall user experience, Accountable, decided to digitize their operations by adopting a comprehensive one-stop solution to manage front end and back-end operations. The system would aim to enhancing user experience, and upholding their commitment to delivering high-quality services

Key Modules adopted for the engagement

Zoho CRM:

From nurturing leads to onboarding clients.

Zoho Meet:

From scheduling meets and recording requirements.

Zoho Creator:

Developed an automated Financial Need Analysis module in order to understand the clients requirements and providing customers with the right services or products. Digital sharing recommendations with the clients.

Zoho Signs:

Digitally seeking the customers approvals for all accepted recommendation.

Zoho Projects:

Ensuring the executions of all approved recommendations and assigning the right tasks to the right personnel.

Zoho Survey:

Once any deal is closed, automatic surveys are sent to the customer for timely feedback.

Zoho Invoice:

Raise invoices once the services have been delivered.

Zoho Campaign:

Running effective campaigns and targeting the right audience for the service / product.

Business outcomes & results

  • Streamlined business processes leading to improved efficiency and reduction in manual errors.
  • Adopted of a Cloud Based System and modules that assist the client in digitization their operations across the board.
  • Created a seamless customer experience through the engagement lifecycle.
  • Auto population of data across Zoho Modules thereby reducing manual intervention.
  • Updation of CRM module with relevant customer information provided in the forms.
  • Creation of Financial Need Analysis, digitization of Proposal, recommendation and acceptance steps Tracking and raising of alarms.
  • Setup Zoho Campaigns to run effective campaigns and attract new / existing customers.
  • Integrated solution providing comprehensive automated reports, enhancing data visibility for effective decision making.
  • Seamless data migration from the legacy system to the cloud addressing security concerns and ensured data accessibility.
  • Introduced an efficient online feedback mechanism, ensuring consistent engagement with customers via Zoho Survey.
  • Automation of certain business operations in order to enhance the clients experience with Accountable Inc.

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Jayesh Kasim


Identification and Deployment of a CRM Platform (Zoho One Implementation).

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