Case Study


Client Profile

Leading animal feed manufacturer and distributor in Newzealand

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Project Duration - Year long Multiple Phases

Scope of work

  • Sales and Operations
  • Finance and Inventory

Service Offering

  • Digital Transformation by enhancement of the Zoho One Suite - Design and Implementation
  • Development of MIS Framework

Challenges / Requirements

  • Effective integration of finance and inventory systems with the CRM
  • Lack of a formal mechanism to track Sales personnel interaction with Customers and their time spent on business development
  • Lack of a system to track the Contract Status with Customers
  • Need for more accurate reporting across different levels of management

Our Solutions & offerings

  • Defined the nature of information transfer between the two systems and ensured effective integration of two systems
  • Designed the territory planning model that would track monitor customer interactions of the sales personnel
  • Integrated the territory planning model with the CRM module to ensure timely and accurate representation of the customer life cycle
  • Built customized dashboards for the Sales Representatives and Managers to track customer visits and action items
  • Digitized the signing of the supply agreement contracts between the Client and the customers
  • Developed a dashboard to provide visibility to the sales regarding many aspects such as sales, revenue and customer interactions


  • Monitoring Mechanism to track Sales Representative Activity
  • Adherence to HIPPAand GDPR
  • Ensures equitable workload distribution
  • Minimize redundancy in data entry across systems
  • Effective management of Contracts
  • Customized MIS leading to better data analysis and effective decision making
  • Gain visibility to customer information and status leading to timely and relevant customer interaction