Case Study

PAS Cargo Achieves 43x Efficiency Boost with RPA Implementation

Case Study



Transportation/Logistics Management


Trinidad, Caribbean, Latin America

Key Process

Increase the processing speed of incoming Packages

The Challenge

PAS needed to find a way to increase the processing speed of incoming packages and the accurate forwarding to the customer within a more acceptable timeframe.


  • Bot was able process a label at an average of 45 sec with 0% errors.
  • The Bot was able to process 43 times the number of packages
  • The ability to run the Bot 24x7
  • Error free processing

Pas Cargo provides comprehensive transportation management solutions to customers in the Caribbean and Latin America region. PAS struggled with trying to expedite the processing of cargo coming into their Miami warehouse. Their team of agents would key-in data into their internal freight forwarding application for every package coming into our warehouse, prior to dispatch to the customers across the Caribbean and Latin American region.This activity took the agents took an average of 5 min to process each label, with a volume of 500 to 1000 labels per day depending on the time of year. During peak package volume periods such as during the Christmas season, the agents would struggle to keep up with the volumes. This created a bottleneck in the delivery operations.The resulting impact was increased delivery lead times, significant over-time, employee high stress levels and, ultimately dissatisfied and angry customers.

The Solution

The POC took about 5 weeks from sign-off of the Process Design Documents to full implementation. An essential requirement of the design was to ensure the Bot could obtain package label information from the warehouse as packages can in to then be forwarded out to the customer. This presented the first challenge for the Valenta team – how to capture content for the Bot to process without human intervention supporting the process. The Valenta team leveraged UiPath’s RPA software as part of the solution to address the ‘physical presence challenge.’ Using the RPA software, a picture of the label was taken for every package coming into our warehouse. This picture was then uploaded into a folder from which the Bot would commence processing. The RPA Bot would then extract required data from the picture (customer name, supplier name, shipper name, package weight, package dimensions) and enter the information into the freight forwarding application.

The Proof of Concept

Valenta was engaged to provide an RPA managed service to automate all incoming package processing within the PAS Trinidad warehouse. Responding to the business objectives of improving processing speed for incoming packages and improving the overall customer experience, the Valenta team defined three design principles to anchor the solution development:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Improved accuracy
  • Process efficiencies that get packages to customers quicker


Value Add

Additional capability the Bot brought was to cross reference some of the extracted data fields with additional data housed in the customer and shipper database (customer number, customer contact number, customer delivery address, shipper number) and add these additional fields into our freight forwarding application.

The Results

In operation the Bot was able process a label at an average of 45 sec with 0% errors. Exceptions requiring agent intervention included degraded label quality, and these averaged less than 3% of all labels processed. The Bot was able to process 43 times the number of packages that employees could in a week. The ability to run the Bot 24×7 as compared to 5.2 hours per day when done by employees, allowed operations to assume a 24×7 potential.

Business Outcomes

  • The efficiencies derived from RPA allowed Pas Trinidad to eliminate additional staffing and overtime during peak periods.
  • Employees previously involved in data extraction and entry process were refocused to interact more directly with customers and drive more business.
  • As a direct outcome of the speed and efficiency gained through RPA, PAS Trinidad made the decision to expand their warehouse capacity, allowing them to handle more business than before.
  • Building on this initial RPA success, three additional business processes within the Trinidad operations were automated using the same Bot


This solution allowed us to gain competitive advantage over our competitors, giving us the ability to commit to more quicker delivery times throughout the year

Dirk Chee-A-Tow
Pas Cargo

Pas Cargo provides comprehensive transportation management solutions to customers in the Caribbean.

RPA helps PAS Trinidad Expedite Incoming Caro processing error free