Case Study

Redlands Private School Automates 30+ Processes, Enhances Efficiency with RPA

Case Study





Sydney, Australia

Key Demographics

1700 Students, 200 Employees (180 Faculty)

The Challenge

Free-up time for the team to deliver strategic services


  • Transfer of over 30 processes to RPA capability
  • Daily time savings of 5 hours across all processes
  • Increased processing speed
  • Error free processing

The small AR and AP teams were easily spending 90-95 percent of their time on transactions that were no sooner done when they cycled again.A similar frustration was felt by the Canteen team. Two staff managed 2 canteens taking online lunch orders that closed at 8:30am each morning, recess volumes peaked at 10:30am, while collating orders for 12.30pm meal fulfilment.Data captured by one system was extracted, converted by the team input into other systems. The avalanche of excel files produced to stitch together disparate data sources was overwhelming.The team felt that there had to be a more efficient way to manage these repetitive, high-volume transactions to make time for high value activities.

In Search of a Solution

Recognizing that there could be a more efficient way to do transactional, repeatable work, the team started to investigate the potential to build an in-house solution, basically, ‘excel on steroids’. The discovery journey took 9 – 12 months with significant financial and human investments. In investigating options, team Valenta surfaced as a strong partner who could help Redlands Finance Department rethink small tasks, enhancing speed and efficiency through automation of repeatable rules-based processes. As a managed service provider Valenta offered technology, capability and support infrastructure that was reliable, cost effective and provided a better return on investment

The Approach

Finding Value Opportunities: Valenta’s on and off shore teams set out to better understand the pain points, opportunities and objectives. Processes across the organization were reviewed to understand what people did, how much data they were interacting with and how much time they spent on these activities Process documentation were reviewed and pain points discussed to find those candidates that were rules-based and repeatable. High impact and efficient outcomes were identified. Focusing first on small processes within the Finance Department, Valenta developed a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Bot that would mimic a series of human interactions (key strokes) across multiple applications to enter data, deliver reports and produce curated content.

The Bot efficiently supported these Finance functions, error free

Accounts Receivables

Receipting and updating payment profile

 Accounts Payables

Posting account details, establishing supplier accounts and reporting


Completing annual data entry and monthly accruals

Fixed Assets

Income allocation and recognition


Extracting and collating reoccurring bills

Canteen Order Management

Extracting, collating and dispatching orders


We have not only come to appreciate the efficiency benefits RPA has brought to our team, we have also developed an appreciation for our Bot – Maize. It is our intelligent digital worker and a member of the team

Brad Weatherstone
Chief Financial Officer Redlands School

Business Outcomes

  • We have been able to automate over 30 processes, with an additional 10-15 processes in discovery phase.
  • The Bot processes data and executes 5 to 20 times more transactions per minute than the human team, running as scheduled and often 24/7 days, and without errors.
  • The Bot achieves a total daily time saving of 5 hours across all processes, without the additional need to audit and verify data or to correct errors or to do rework.
  • The starting small approach allowed Redlands to speed up many high volume, accuracy-dependent tasks. It embedded a level of process integrity and auditability not previously achievable.
  • Team morale improved as time was freed up to focus on business relationships and opportunities to support business growth.

Redlands is a coed, K to 11, private school in Sydney, Australia, with a history of academic excellence dating back to 1884.

RPA Becomes a Driver Toward a Positive Future for Redlands School