Case Study

Innovative Business Processes Drive STL’s Successful UK Telecom Launch

Case Study





United Kingdom

Key Process

Consulting, Defining the Operating Framework & Role Bifurcation

Applications Used

Valenta Solutions

  • Streamlined processes, made provision for effective integration with technology, defined a robust vendor management mechanism, established accountability and reporting frameworks, and created a comprehensive knowledge repository.

STL (Sterlite Technologies Limited) is a leading global optical and digital solutions company that designs and manufactures advanced offerings for 5G, Rural, FTTx, Enterprise, and Data Centre networks. With a mission to ‘Transform Billions of Lives by Connecting the World,’ STL provides innovative solutions in Optical Connectivity, Global Services, and Digital Technologies, serving telecom operators, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises in over 100 countries.

Business Requirement

The client was establishing its footprint in the UK Market and required, a model business process framework that STL can rely on. The operating framework needed to be robust with emphasis on standard operating procedures, role definitions, and establishing key metrics for gathering business intelligence. The exercise also had to ensure effective integration of existing technology infrastructure while making adequate provisions for new tools and systems. Further creating a robust vendor management framework was critical to align stakeholder expectations and create a strong supplier network. Efforts were also geared to effectively allocate responsibilities between the Indian and UK entity in the case of cross-border teams.

Key Elements Of The Engagement


Valenta worked closely with STL business unit leads to define and establish standard operating procedures for core and support functions, ensuring alignment with industry best practices.


Workflows ensured effective deployment by identifying key stakeholders, cross-functional dependencies, and an assessment of the existing/upcoming system requirements. A roadmap was also provided to ensure a phased implementation, allowing for smooth integration without disrupting ongoing operations.

Project Management Office (PMO):

A robust PMO framework was established to streamline project execution, create communication channels, monitor progress, and communicate effectively with all departments.

Stakeholder Mapping:

Identified the key stakeholders both internal and external to the organization to understand and align expectations. This served as a baseline for process and communication design.

Vendor Management System:

A strategic approach was adopted to build a strong vendor management system critical to business operations. This involved defining clear protocols for vendor identification, selection, management communication, and evaluation to ensure optimal partnerships.

Accountability and Reporting Frameworks:

Created cross functional accountability frameworks defining key roles and responsibilities, communication mandates. Further, reporting channels and key performance indicators were mapped to gather adequate business intelligence for effective decision making.

Knowledge Repository:

The documentation of the operating model emphasizing standard workflows would serve as a repository for future reference, while laying a baseline for continuous improvement whereby suggestions can be ideated and then deployed using this as a foundation.

Business Outcomes & Results

The collaborative efforts between Valenta and STL led to a robust operating model that would allow business unit heads to focus their resources on core operations while the processes worked for them smoothly in the backend thereby setting up STL for success in the UK telecom landscape.

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Sterlite technologies limited establishing a strong business model and standard operating procedures for entering the UK telecom industry.

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