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USA’s 26th Largest Professional Services Firm Streamlines Complex Billing with RPA

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Key Process

Services: Implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Valenta Solutions

  • 100% success rate in customised invoice distribution.
  • Significant time savings by automating weekly invoice processes.
  • Designed for scalability, capable of handling an increase in invoice volume and complexity.

Challenge Overview

Valenta was confronted with a distinct billing challenge within its operating framework, with specific reference to the billing arrangements for their client, a large group company.

The client operates under a consolidated company name and includes various entities, necessitating a billing strategy that accommodates the diverse invoicing requirements under the consolidated company name for all entities involved. However, the assignment of each invoice to different billing contacts, depending on the specific service and entity, means that at the time of invoicing, the billing contact may vary, necessitating manual intervention in the payments and billing platform,, to align the invoice with the appropriate billing contact.

The limitations posed by’s which permits only a single billing contact per account made this process even more challenging. This not only increases the workload but also raises the potential for errors and inefficiencies as the business relationship expands.

Innovative Solution

To address this complex billing challenge, Valenta deployed ‘an in-house Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, demonstrating its expertise in utilizing technology to solve operational inefficiencies.

This solution was aimed at automating the invoice distribution process to ensure that invoices were sent accurately to the various billing contacts across the client’s subsidiaries.

  • INVOICE PROCESSING INITIATION : An RPA bot, specifically created for this task, was set up to monitor Valenta’s invoicing system for outgoing invoices intended for the group company. This bot was programmed to recognize invoices associated with different subsidiaries under the organisation’s umbrella.
  • COMPREHENSIVE BILLING CONTACT DATABASE : This bot was equipped with a dynamic database, that listed each subsidiary along with their respective billing contacts and related service information. This enabled the RPA bot to accurately match each invoice with the correct billing contact without needing any manual intervention.
  • SEAMLESS INVOICE DISTRIBUTION : Upon identifying the correct billing contact for each invoice, the bot autonomously forwarded the invoice to the designated contact. To enhance communication and maintain transparency throughout the billing process, the bot also included Valenta’s account management and accounts receivable teams in the communication, ensuring that all relevant parties were informed.


The BOT solution significantly improved the billing process by streamlining operations, reducing manual errors, and enhancing accuracy levels. This automation not only demonstrated Valenta’s capability to address complex billing challenges but also showcased its proficiency in applying its services to resolve internal operational issues. This also showcased Valenta’s commitment to continuously improve its operations to increase customer satisfaction levels.

100% Success Rate:

Since its implementation, the bot has maintained a 100% success rate in accurately identifying and distributing invoices.

Efficiency and Time Savings:

Currently, the bot automatically processes and issues the invoices each week to multiple billing contacts, eliminating the need for manual intervention and significantly speeding up the process. Lesser turnaround times and higher accuracy are some of the key metrics where the BOT has shown a significant improvement.


Although currently limited to handling a few invoices per week and matching against 5-6 billing contact options from the database, the system is designed and set up for scale where it can handle larger volumes in lesser time . It has the potential to process very high volumes of transactions every day while cross-checking against the periodically updated database.


This effort emphasizes Valenta’s innovative approach to addressing complex operational challenges through the application of RPA and AI automation and stands testimony to its unwavering commitment to provide a superior customer experience across all areas of customer interaction.

By developing a custom BOT solution, Valenta has not only streamlined it’s processes but also bolstered its status as an emerging authority in utilizing technology for enhancing operational efficiency.

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