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Optimize Your CRM Strategy for Maximum Impact

Are you satisfied with how customer data and interactions are currently managed? Do you feel you are getting the most value from your current CRM system? Are your sales, marketing, and customer service teams aligned and collaborating effectively? Do you truly understand your customers’ behavior and preferences?

We provide valuable expertise and guidance to businesses looking to enhance their CRM strategies and systems. Our team works closely with you to analyze your current processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop effective CRM strategies. Our thorough assessment of your business operations offers valuable insights into best practices, ensures meaningful integrations with critical business systems, and recommends suitable CRM solutions that add value. We also manage CRM system implementation across all phases, from design and development to integration, migration, and ongoing support.
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Key Benefits of Optimized CRM Solutions

Enhanced Customer Understanding

Gain deeper insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and needs by leveraging advanced CRM solutions.

Personalized Customer Interactions

Track customer interactions, analyze data, and create personalized experiences to foster stronger relationships.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline key workflows, automate tasks, and integrate CRM with other applications to boost operational efficiency.

Superior Customer Support

Utilize support tools, multiple communication channels, and efficient ticket management to enhance customer satisfaction and support experiences.

Top Use Cases for CRM Consulting

Top use cases
Organizations seeking to adopt a CRM to manage customer information, track leads and sales funnels, and gain customer insights for effective decision-making.
SMEs looking to upgrade their existing CRM systems by introducing automations, enhancements, and integrations with the current technology stack.
Companies aiming to integrate their social media, website, and campaign activities with their current CRM for seamless data flow and analysis.
Organizations needing a comparative assessment of CRM tools based on key functional requirements to choose the best fit for their business.
Organizations seeking assistance in migrating from one CRM system to another, ensuring smooth data transfer and minimal disruption.
Organizations requiring implementation assistance, including liaising with service providers and setting up the new CRM system for optimal use.

Case Studies & Insights

Primp & Blow
Primp & Blow
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Leading blow dry bar franchise in the United States

Leading animal feed manufacturing company based in New Zealand
Internicola logo
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Leading law firm based in the United States

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Ask about a Complimentary Assessment & Proof of Concept


Based on the nature of the services that you choose; we will provide the following:

• Key Functional Requirement from your CRM based on business requirements
• Comparative Assessment of CRM tools across key parameters
• Implementation Assistance – work with our in-house technology teams across all phases to build / upgrade your CRM
• Liaising with Service Providers and Project Management during the CRM adoption / upgrade
• Customer Centre Support by way of Automation
• Monthly ongoing support to address troubleshooting

Yes, if you have already identified the most suitable CRM for your business and a service provider to help you with the same, we can provide project management support and ensure effective implementation of the CRM and map the key functional requirements for your business.

Valenta will conduct workshops and trainings for key user groups within the organization to orient them to the new working order. The functional requirements listing can be utilized to initiate conversations with new / existing service providers to identify / upgrade your CRM.
We also provide implementation support to address any troubleshooting that your team puts forth.