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At Valenta, we exclusively serve mid-sized businesses and understand the unique cybersecurity challenges they face.  We offer Valenta Virtual Cybersecurity Services (vCISO), which provide an excellent option for companies with security requirements.  Valenta vCISO service is designed to provide customized cybersecurity consulting services that meet the specific needs of your business.  Our comprehensive approach includes constant vulnerability assessments, compliance readiness evaluations, process and policy reviews, and cyber awareness assessments.  These assessments help identify potential weaknesses and areas for improvement in your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

of midsized enterprises and small businesses experienced a cyber attack in the last year.
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Valenta Virtual Cybersecurity Benefits

Continuous Management of Security Posture

Unlike one-time risk assessments that generate security posture and risk snapshots, our vCISO services continuously assess and update your real time security posture, risk level and compliance readiness.

Maintain Compliance

We can conduct automated and continuous compliance readiness assessments, then create an actionable plan with a prioritized task list to achieve and maintain compliance, while tracking progress toward compliance goals.

Gain Long-Term Visibility

We track and measure your security posture and risk level over time. We can demonstrate historical improvement, and when there are increased threats. We are constantly identifying mission-critical trends and keeping your business informed

Demonstrate Impact

We demonstrate the impact of any decision that will be taken, and of any investment in tools and processes, so you always know how to optimize your resources to maximize results and gain an ROI.

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Valenta Cybersecurity Services


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A CISO is a Chief Information Security Officer.  CISOs are in high demand these days.  Cybersecurity threats and the stakes for breaches and hacks get ever higher every year.  vCISO services and cybersecurity as a managed service are also increasing in demand.  Typically, these managed services are more affordable and flexible ways to address the needs for this skill set in organizations.  An in person CISO can be expensive.  However, a vCISO can actually be more experienced and can be located anywhere.  At Valenta we take our vCISO offer a step further and combine AI empowered cybersecurity software with skilled cybersecurity staff.  Our engagements are flexible and scalable, and consumption based 

Simply having security tools is not enough.  Companies need to know how to use those tools, leverage them constantly and stay diligent.  Businesses need to constantly assess where they are at when it comes to cyber security. Additionally, they need to plan how they will meet their requirements and manage and optimize their cyber security efforts and technology.  Assessing cybersecurity includes vulnerability assessment, compliance readiness, process and policies, and cyber awareness assessment.  The planning step of a cybersecurity strategy needs to be specific to an individual business.  Businesses are vulnerable in different ways.  They all also don’t need all the same tools.  Planning allows companies to cover all the basis and budget only the resources that are needed.  Finally, managing and optimization of cybersecurity is an ongoing process.  Requirements, status, and threats will change over time.  Cybersecurity is not set it and forget it.

The short answer to when do virtual cybersecurity services make sense is always.  They at least always make sense if you do not have this type of staff in house.  Many SMB clients do not have access to this skill set.  Our Valenta Cybersecurity services for SMB organizations can be a game changer.  Sometimes they are the only way an SMB business can gain access to this role.  If a company is dealing with sensitive information, …they need a cybersecurity strategy.  And quite frankly every company these days is typically dealing with sensitive information regardless of their size or industry.  If a business has a limited budget a vCISO or managed cybersecurity services can also make sense.  The cost of a vCISO service can be as little as 30% of the cost of an in person CISO.  These fees can put getting this capability into a business within the reach of nearly all companies. 

SMB companies are only really faced with three options when it comes to staffing for their cybersecurity requirements.

  • They can choose to do nothing and risk a hack or a breach, and admittedly this is not the best option.
  • They can hire an inhouse CISO, however this can be a 170K to a 300K or more investment which can make it out of reach for many businesses.
  • They can use an external CISO as a service solution, or vCISO.

Year over year adoption rates for virtual cybersecurity solutions are increasing rapidly among SMB organizations. At Valenta we have flexible vCISO and Virtual Cybersecurity options for our clients.