ERP Consulting

Transform Your Business with Comprehensive ERP Solutions

Are your systems siloed or integrated? Do you struggle to get real-time visibility into your business performance? How flexible and scalable are your current systems? Are your teams able to collaborate effectively across different functions? How satisfied are your customers with the quality of service delivery across the value chain?

Our end-to-end ERP consulting solution helps you identify or upgrade your system, consolidate operations, and create a cohesive framework for improved business performance. From design and development to implementation, migration, training, and ongoing support, we ensure your business gathers adequate intelligence to make informed decisions and enhance efficiency
say ERP projects met ROI expectations
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10-15% reduction in overall costs from implementing ERP
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average increase in productivity from ERP
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Source: US Chamber of Commerce

Key Benefits of ERP Consulting

Automated and Optimized Workflows

Improve operational efficiency and productivity by automating and optimizing workflows.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Implement robust reporting and analytics capabilities to gain valuable business insights.

Customized Enhancements

Introduce customizations, automations, and enhancements to increase operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Service

Enhance capabilities for better customer service and engagement, leading to higher satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations

Integrate and streamline operations across the organization for improved coherence and performance.

Improved Cross-Functional Workflows

Ensure smooth information flow and enhance cross-functional workflows for better collaboration.

Top Use Cases for ERP Consulting

Top use cases
Manage key operations across functions, facilitate information transfer between departments, seek customer information, and gather business intelligence for effective decision-making.
Consolidate all tools and adopt a comprehensive platform for streamlined operations.
SMEs running their business for several years can upgrade their existing ERP by introducing additional modules, automations, enhancements, and integrations with the current technology stack.
Conduct a comparative assessment of available ERP tools based on key functional requirements to select the best fit for your business.
Receive expert assistance in migrating from one ERP system to another, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruption.
Get implementation assistance, including liaising with service providers and setting up the new ERP system for optimal performance.

Case Studies & Insights

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Leading law firm based in the United States (Implementation of CRM, Desk, Campaigns and Custom Application)

Leading animal feed manufacturing company based in New Zealand (Implementation of CRM, Document Signing, Campaigns and Custom Application. Integration with custom finance application).

Leading consumer goods company based in Australia. (Implementation of CRM, Inventory, Desk, Campaigns and Custom Application and integration with Xero)

Talk to an Expert

Ask about a Complimentary Assessment & Proof of Concept


Based on the nature of the services that you choose; we will provide the following:

• Key Functional Requirement for your ERP based on business requirements across functions
• Comparative Assessment of ERP tools across key parameters
• Implementation Assistance – work with our in-house technology teams across all phases to build / upgrade your ERP
• Liaising with Service Providers and Project Management during the ERP adoption / upgrade
• Monthly ongoing support to address troubleshooting

Yes, if you have already identified the most suitable ERP for your business and a service provider to help you with the same, we can provide project management support and ensure effective implementation of the ERP and map the key functional requirements for your business.

Valenta will conduct workshops and trainings for teams across the organization to orient them to the new working order. The functional requirements listing can be utilized to initiate conversations with new / existing service providers to identify / upgrade your ERP.
We also provide implementation support to address any troubleshooting that your team puts forth.