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The home healthcare market size is expected to surpass US$ 662.67 billion by 2027. The market size was $264.87 billion in 2020. This is explosive growth and projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 14.2% from 2021 to 2027. All of this is according to a recent study released by Precedence Research

An aging population combined with advancing healthcare solutions suitable for in home use is driving the rapid growth of home healthcare. Managing the staffing and the logistics involved in the administration of home healthcare can be a giant headache. We have conducted multiple bot Proof of Concept for healthcare scenarios. We wanted to share this Conversational AI POC video that is specific to home healthcare.

What Did We Automate in Our Home Healthcare Bot POC?

Looking for home healthcare workers can be a tedious and laborious task for all those involved. It is a chore for those looking to book home health care, the companies managing the personnel, plus the staff themselves. It can also be very time consuming and inefficient. The primary goal of the conversational AI bot POC in our video is assign jobs for temporary assignment.

The bot proof of concept we built is able to interact with several people all at the same time. It is an omnichannel bot and can handle SMS, voice, What’s App, other messaging apps, and rich web text chat. In our POC the bot identifies first time users and routes them accordingly. It also launches a rich web chat in order to most easily collect information from callers.

The bot collects, gathers, and verifies information related to location, type of care needed, skills required, plus the start and end time of requested service. The bot communicates with all parties and sends confirmation via their preferred communication channel. This conversational AI proof of concept can also integrate with any database, ERP or CRM. It can also fetch and share information with other software applications using back end APIs. All the work accomplished by this conversational AI POC bot would have been done less efficiently, less accurately and taken way more time if only human to human interaction was used for these tasks.

Conversational AI Deeper Dive

This specific Conversational AI Proof of Concept was completed leveraging technology from our partner OneReach.AI. Conversational AI is part of what makes RPA (robotic process automation) IPA (intelligent process automation). Let us level set and share our definition of Conversational AI which will help put our Conversational AI bot POC in perspective.

Conversational AI is a tool to enable machines, or more appropriately software applications, to interact with humans via language. Language can be the spoken or written word. Conversational AI must be able to work over any channel like a phone, chat, IM, email, social media, etc. Conversational AI allows us to use language to communicate with our machines or software applications and to automate and bring scale to the process of language recognition.

Prior to Conversational AI all communication was human to human, either in speech or the written word. Now it can be human to machine and machine to human. Voice control and voice interaction will radically change how we engineer and design applications and how we organize online content.

About Valenta

At Valenta we work exclusively with SMB clients who have not always had access to consultants, developers, and managed service providers to roll out the latest transformational technologies. Finding outside skills sets in conversational AI (unless speaking directly to a vendor) can be especially challenging. Valenta provides these services plus other services around digital transformation.

We also provide the E2E perspective vendors do not always bring. We are offering consulting, software integration, managed SaaS, and staff augmentation as well. We can provide consulting for any kind of business process optimization and work on other types of business software projects including ERP and CRM. We also provide a wide variety of outsourced roles.

We provide staff for digital transformation, business software administration, plus many traditional back office roles. Some of those roles include, accounting, bookkeeping, billing staff, digital marketing, paralegal, medical assistants, and a lot more. If you would like to discuss Conversational AI and determine if it is a fit for your business, we are here for you. If you would like to discuss other types of projects or staff augmentation, we can also assist.

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Clearly AI is transforming customer interactions and call centers. Not every mid-sized business has a large call center, but most all do have customer support teams. Those teams can be assisted by the same call center technology being rolled out at larger companies … and specifically Conversational AI. The potential uses for Conversational AI, IPA and bots in healthcare are significant.

Using today’s digital transformation solutions does not need to be the exclusive domain of Fortune 1,000 companies. At Valenta we are here to serve SMB clients. If you would like to discuss Conversational AI for healthcare or any other industry or vertical, we can help. We have a lot of experience with AI assisted customer support, chatbots, RPA, Cognitive AI, and IPA. Please Contact Us to schedule a consultation.