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Digital people and virtual agents are the next step in customer engagement and assistance. When done well customers enjoy it and they are well served. In this article we will provide an overview of a recent POC we completed providing digital people in a financial provider environment as well as a link to a video of the POC. We leveraged the technology of our partner Soul Machines in this POC. If executed properly on the web or in app engagement this type of interaction will be dramatically preferred and more impactful than a voice only or text only conversational AI automated interaction.

You can find video of our POC here .

Why Leverage Digital Persons

Digital people can help a business connect with customers in powerful new ways. Financial assistants who are responsive and engaging and interact with customers in natural language provide better customer experiences overall. Digital agents provide a face to look at that emotes along with spoken word voice intonation. All of this can leave a customer feeling better taken care of. The digital people we configured in this POC leverage Soul Machines’ Human OS. The Human OS is driven by a Digital Brain and Autonomous Animation to create engaging, scalable, and powerful face-to-face interaction for better customer experience and brand enhancement. The Autonomous Animation provides human-like interaction and creates a unique engaging, dynamic, and lifelike experience to connect with customers. Digital agents are reactive to the customer and will emote appropriately as a customer interacts with them … all autonomously. The digital people we created used the Soul Machines’ Digital DNA Blender for customization of hair, skin, eye color, face shape, and more. It is all remarkable.

What Did We Automate in our Digital Person for Financial Providers Proof of Concept?

In this demo we first meet Aria who is a virtual digital agent. This virtual agent is capable of interacting and engaging with customers in ways technology has not been able to do until now. Aria provides a virtual connection but a more human like interaction even if it is a 100% digital experience. In this example Aria is providing financial assistance to the customer. She first welcomes the customer and introduces herself. She then requests the client ID and asks the customer what she needs assistance with. Our customer in this POC is looking for retirement account contribution information. Aria asks our customer if she would like to see individual contribution details or combined contributions made year to date. Our customer requests Roth IRA and 403 B contribution amounts and Aria provides them. The customer also requests information about employer matching and this information is also provided by Aria. The last request the virtual agent Aria replies to is providing account balances. After that she wishes our POC customer a good day. The entire interaction is seamless and easy. The addition of the digital human element is a big step up from a purely voice or chat interaction.

About Soul Machines

Soul Machines is a leader in the humanization of AI. The company is focused on creating autonomously animated Digital People that empower organizations to reimagine customer experiences. Soul Machines is all in on today’s digital worlds and the metaverse. Soul Machines is the only company we know of with a patented digital brain and autonomous animation technology that delivers the full capabilities of human and machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable, and unprecedented way. We really enjoy working with them and find their capabilities, fresh, unique and game changing. Their solutions are applicable in every market vertical we work in and in addition to finance include healthcare, education, retail, telecom, the public sector, entertainment, and many more.

About Valenta

At Valenta we work exclusively with SMB clients who have not always had access to consultants, developers, and managed service providers to roll out the latest transformational technologies. Finding outside skills sets in conversational AI (unless speaking directly to a vendor) can be especially challenging. Valenta provides these services plus other services around digital transformation. We also provide the E2E perspective vendors do not always bring. We are offering consulting, software integration, managed SaaS, and staff augmentation as well. We can provide consulting for any kind of business process optimization and work on other types of business software projects including ERP and CRM. We also provide a wide variety of outsourced roles. We provide staff for digital transformation, business software administration, plus many traditional back office roles. If you would like to discuss Conversational AI and determine if it is a fit for your business, we are here for you. If you would like to discuss other types of projects or staff augmentation, we can also assist.

Want to Learn More?

Conversational AI is transforming customer interactions and support. Not every mid-sized business has a large call center, but most all have customer support teams. Those teams can be assisted by the same Conversational AI technology being rolled out at larger companies … and even the digital people we demonstrate in this POC. The potential uses for Conversational AI, IPA and bots in financial services are significant. Using today’s digital transformation solutions does not need to be the exclusive domain of Fortune 1,000 companies. At Valenta we are here to serve SMB clients. If you would like to discuss Conversational AI for financial services or any other industry or vertical, we can help. We have a lot of experience with AI assisted customer support, chatbots, RPA, Cognitive AI, and IPA. Please Contact Us to schedule a Free consultation.