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In today’s fast-paced digital economy, every application that enters the market needs to go through rigorous testing to ensure it delivers in the real world.  With over 500 million apps predicted to be built by 2040, the need for test automation is greater than ever before.  Up until recently, manual testing was the preferred methodology for system testing, integration testing, regression testing, explorative testing, graphical user interface testing, and robotic process automation testing.  However, manual testing poses several challenges, including cost, human error, and limited scalability.  Automated testing provides a much more stable and efficient testing process, allowing for complex testing without worrying about human error and scalability.  

Apps predicted to be built by 2040
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We Help Address the Top Challenges with Test Automation

Finding the Right Framework and Tool

Finding the right automation tool is a very crucial challenge in automation testing for the success of automation. There are a lot of tools available, both licensed as well as open-source, which makes it difficult to choose. The choice of tool depends upon the kind of application and the extent of automation testing

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Lack of communication and collaboration among the team is one of the key challenges in automation testing. Since automation testing requires significant investment and gives long-term ROI (Return On Investment) instead of instant gratification, its success is very much dependent on effective communication among all stakeholders.

Identifying the Test Automation Strategy

Without a proper test automation strategy, the efficiency of technology will be lost. This is like a body without a brain. Choosing the right strategy is another key challenge in automation testing that is instrumental in the success of automation and in showing business values.

Challenges with Data Reliance

One of the most challenging aspects of test automation is data management. When the test script is executed, the data must be in a specific state; otherwise, it can cause serious issues in several scenarios

Test Automation Use Cases

Test Automation

Automation is better because of frequent code changes. It allows testing in real-time.

This type of testing ensures the verification of a system working under peak and normal conditions. It is also better to use automated testing tools in these cases.

This testing type evaluates the applications scalability, speed, and stability characteristics. It can be done more efficiently with automation.

This type of test considers the repetition of tasks, and it is better to run automated tests in these cases.

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