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Today’s businesses operate in a digital economy. Communicating digitally is a requirement these days. Digital marketing is how companies increasingly have dialog with their customers and prospects. Digital Marketing is newer and changes quickly, it can be a challenge to stay on top of it. That challenge is exacerbated at small business and midsized companies. At Valenta we serve SME and SMB clients exclusively. Two ways we help our clients in this space is with Fractional Marketing services and Fractional CMO engagements.

In the remainder of this article, we will highlight what is the role of a Fractional CMO, Fractional C-Level Executive Services, Fractional CMO Services Advantages, and Fractional Marketing Services. 

Fractional C-Level Executive Services

Fractional C-Level executives are increasing in their implementation and their importance. At Valenta we are able to provide Fractional CFOs, Fractional COOs, Fractional CTOs, Fractional CIOs, Fractional CROs, in addition to Fractional CMOs. Fractional CMO services are a very popular request, based on the needs of our clients it is easy to see why. Fractional C-Level executives get needed skills, plus industry and role knowledge into a business. These services can be a short term solution for a vacancy or a long term part time option. Fractional C-Level executives can coach and advise existing management. They can also offload work from them so that executive leadership at a company can think and act more strategically. Fractional C-Level executives can coach up new or emerging leaders or be used as a stop gap when an executive in the role leaves or needs to be replaced. Fractional C-Level services can enable SMB clients to get access to high level talent at affordable prices and on demand.

Fractional CMOs

As we mentioned at the start of our article it is a digital world out there. The first thing that a Fractional CMO will help with is digital marketing. Fractional CMOs will have experience with and access to teams that specialize in SEO, SEM and PPC, plus social media marketing. They will have experience with email marketing and drip campaigns. They will also have a keen sense for branding and content marketing. Content marketing is especially important, as this is an ongoing dialog with customers and prospects. A good Fractional CMO will not just master all things digital when it comes to marketing. They will also be able to work hand in glove with sales teams and assist them with lead generation and top of the funnel activities.

Fractional CMO Services Advantages

There are several fractional CMO services advantages. Getting needed skills in the door, gaining a different perspective, filling a critical role that a company is not able to staff, having an affordable option for a role that requires a significant budget when fulltime, and having flexible commercial engagements are the top benefits that our clients cite. A Fractional CMO will also leave a client better off due to knowledge transfers and the implementation of marketing processes that can be repeated after an engagement. Having an accurate assessment of processes and the implementation of new ones is an important benefit of bringing in a fractional C-level executive.  Fractional-C-level executives will assess the current situation and make needed recommendations. Any actions will be prioritized so that the most important ones with the potential for the best results is executed first. Skilled Fractional CMOs will bring consistency and repeatability to the work of a marketing department. At Valenta our Fractional CMO services are flexible and run month to month. They are typically calculated based on the number of hours or days a week a fractional C-level executive will support a client. We track projects and hours using online tools so that everything is transparent and well communicated.

Fractional Marketing Services

We also take a flexible and fractional approach to our digital marketing services and provide fractional full stack marketing. Our Fractional Marketing Services are led by one of our local Managing Partners and an onshore Senior Marketing Strategist. Our Partner and Strategist will meet regularly with clients and plan, develop, and oversee the execution of digital marketing strategies. Our local staff is supported by specialists offshore. All of our fractional marketing services allocate different amounts of hours weekly for senior strategists and offshore staff. Offshore staff offer support for SEO, SEM, PPC, copywriting, graphic editing, video editing, and website maintenance. This same team can be dedicated to specific projects as well. A common project they work on is website redesign and launches.  fractional marketing services and Fractional CMO services can be of great value for SMB and SME organizations.

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To read more about our Fractional CMO services please visit our website.  Details on all our Fractional C-Level services is also available there.  Information on our Fractional Marketing services and various plans which we offer is available as well.