How Full-Service Augmentation Differs from One-Size-Fits-All HR Software Platforms

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Staff augmentation services can play a crucial role in supporting the operations of midsized companies and small businesses. Simply stated, they can enable offshoring when it might not otherwise be possible. HR software platforms offer assistance in managing staff locally and can help with offshore staff too.

There are distinct differences between what outsourcing services and what software solutions for HR bring to a company. Full-service staff augmentation firms can provide turnkey solutions that enable SMB organizations to outsource roles they cannot fill locally. They offer a comprehensive approach to staffing challenges. What they bring to the table far exceeds what HR software platforms that assist with offshore management can provide.

In this article we will cover drawbacks of one-size-fits-all HR software platforms, the full-service approach to staff augmentation, plus scalability and growth with full-service staff augmentation services.

Drawbacks of One-Size-Fits-All HR Software Platforms

HR Platforms have come a long way in the past decade or two. With the advent of cloud-based services better and more cost-effective solutions have come to market. Most offer excellent solution to manage local staff.  Some also provide good options to manage staff in different countries.  Tools like Deel and Gusto, are popular among businesses, and come to mind when thinking of providers in this area. However as useful as these tools are they do not interview, recruit, and hire offshore personnel. They definitely do not provide the necessary infrastructure and support for offshore staff, leaving businesses to manage these tasks independently. Companies need to be ready to do all this work themselves. Many SME firms do not have these capabilities.

The Full-Service Approach to Staff Augmentation

Businesses often face challenges in finding people offshore. It can be daunting to recruit, interview and hire in foreign countries. Partnering with a full-service staff augmentation firm like Valenta offers numerous benefits.  These firms provide direct support and expertise throughout the process, handling tasks such as recruiting, hiring, managing staff, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Additionally, firms like Valenta provide essential infrastructure, including offices, equipment, and connectivity for remote staff, streamlining the outsourcing process for SMBs. When a business has special requirements those can be taken on as well.  We often provide customized solutions tailored to each business’s needs. We will conduct recruitment for hard to fill positions or find staff offshore skills with legacy software solutions or platforms that still need to be maintained or managed while they are sunset.

Scalability and Growth with Full-Service Staff Augmentation Services

Full-service staff augmentation facilitates scalability and supports business growth by enabling businesses to quickly ramp up or scale down their staff as needed. Agreements with these firms are typically transparent and flexible, without long-term lock-in time frames. Outsourcing roles can span across various departments, including accounting, finance, IT, operations, marketing, sales, and customer service. Firms like Valenta cater to SMEs by filling roles that organizations cannot fill locally or within their budgets, offering flexibility in staffing options. These firms can provide a range of staff, from one to several dozen or more, allowing businesses to tailor their outsourcing strategy to their specific needs. Outsourced staff can free up existing onshore workers to focus on more strategic work and maintain closer connections with customers.


In summary, full-service staff augmentation offers a comprehensive approach to offshoring and outsourcing.  What firms like Valenta and others do should not be compared to or confused with simple one-size-fits-all HR software platforms. Full-service staff augmentation services provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs.  Businesses looking to optimize their outsourcing efforts and effectively manage offshore staff should consider partnering with firms like Valenta. To learn more about how full-service staff augmentation can benefit your business, contact Valenta anytime.  We provide administrative, medical back office, IT, software development, accounting, bookkeeping, financial, and other personnel services to midsized companies and small businesses.