How Full-Service Staff Augmentation Adds More Value Than HR Software Platforms for SMEs

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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often encounter significant challenges when it comes to outsourcing and staffing. This is especially true when extending operations to other countries. While software platforms offer solutions for managing staff in different locations, they have limitations in addressing all the complex challenges faced by SMEs in offshore staffing. After all, they are just software. As a full-service staff augmentation provider, we often get asked about HR software platform solutions. There are many out there.  Solutions like Deel and Gusto are ones we respect and see frequently. They do not however replace what a full-service staff augmentation firm does, …they are just software. They are not able to do all the actual work that an HR team or department needs to do.

In this article we will explore the limitations of HR software platform solutions, the tailored approach of full-service staff augmentation, and the cost-effectiveness of full-service staff augmentation. 

The Limitations of HR Software Platform Solutions

Using HR and payroll platform solutions to manage offshore staff has some advantages if an organization is hiring and managing all of their own staff overseas. But do small businesses and midsized companies really want to do that?  Do they want to do this from their home countries?  Do they have experience with the requirements, customs, and workers offshore?  Being this hands on presents SMEs challenges. One drawback includes a lack of personalized support and guidance for offshore teams. While HR and payroll software can handle basic tasks, they do not address critical challenges like recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff in other countries. Software platforms offer quality management and tracking solutions, but have limitations. They cannot fully address all the complexities of offshore staffing.

Tailored Approach of Full-Service Staff Augmentation

Partnering with a full-service staff augmentation firm provides SMEs with customized staffing solutions tailored to fit their requirements and their budget. These firms typically offer dedicated support and expertise throughout the entire process. Companies like Valenta can ensure that businesses receive the assistance they require every step of the way. Full-service staff augmentation firms are able to recruit and hire staff with very specific skill requirements, ensuring that businesses get the talent they need. Full-service staff augmentation firms also take on additional responsibilities, such as providing office space, infrastructure, and equipment. They also provide local insurance benefits and ensure compliance with governmental regulations for offshore employees. This turnkey solution approach simplifies the process for SMEs, allowing them to focus on their core operations without having to worry about the complexities of offshore staffing. For all these reasons and more a full-service staff augmentation firm can be an ideal way for SME businesses to tap into global labor markets and outsource.

Cost-Effectiveness of Full-Service Staff Augmentation

Full-service staff augmentation can be a more cost-effective option for SMEs compared to platform solutions and doing everything themselves. Platform costs are definitely affordable but doing all the HR work to develop and manage an offshore team is not. While software platforms may seem cost-effective initially, they do not include many essential costs such as office space, infrastructure, equipment, insurance benefits, and compliance-related expenses for offshore staff. Full-service staff augmentation firms specialize in finding and attracting skilled professionals with specific expertise, ensuring that each department or project has the right mix of talent. Additionally, these firms directly oversee and manage resources, providing businesses with streamlined HR operations. Crucially, they are knowledgeable in navigating local labor laws, government regulations, and tax requirements, reducing compliance risks. Partnering with a full-service staff augmentation firm, SMEs can streamline their operations and reduce overhead costs significantly.


Full-service staff augmentation offers significant value to SMEs by providing tailored solutions, dedicated support, and cost-effectiveness compared to HR software platforms and doing the work themselves. Businesses like Valenta offer a wide range of personnel, including accounting, bookkeeping, financial, administrative, medical back office, IT, and software development professionals, catering to the diverse needs of SMEs. For SMEs looking to optimize their offshore staffing operations, full-service staff augmentation is the preferred choice. Valenta’s network includes local Managing Partners situated in various cities globally. These Partners collaborate closely with our offshore team to provide tailored full-service staff augmentation solutions. For further inquiries or to get in touch with them, feel free to reach out here.