How PaaS Can Help with Tail Spend to Drive More Savings

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Procurement as a Service (PaaS) can be a valuable solution for managing tail spend, an often-overlooked aspect in the procurement process.  Tail spend refers to the portion of a company’s procurement expenditures that are not actively managed or strategically sourced. It often consists of small, infrequent purchases from a large number of suppliers, making it challenging to control and optimize without dedicated resources.

Below is a list of how a procurement service provider can assist with tail spend management.

Expertise and Resources

Procurement specialists in PaaS companies have expertise and resources dedicated to managing your company’s procurement needs. They can particularly focus on tail spend, which might otherwise be neglected due to resource constraints.

Supplier Consolidation

PaaS providers can help consolidate suppliers in the tail spend category. By reducing the number of suppliers, a procurement service company can negotiate better terms, lower prices, and improve overall supplier performance.

Cost Reduction

Procurement outsourcing service providers often have established relationships with suppliers. They can negotiate better pricing and terms, leading to cost savings. This is especially valuable for tail spend, where the impact of individual purchases may be small but collectively significant.

Streamlined Procurement Processes

PaaS solutions typically have streamlined procurement processes and technology tools that can automate the procurement of low-value items, reducing administrative overhead and improving efficiency.

Data Analysis

PaaS providers use data analytics to identify spending patterns within the tail spend. This information allows procurement specialists to pinpoint areas where cost-saving measures can be implemented.

Compliance and Risk Management

Procurement service companies can ensure that tail spend purchases comply with company policies and regulations. They can also access and mitigate supplier-related risks in this spend category.


PaaS can help standardize the procurement process for tail spend, making it easier to manage, track, and report on. Standardization can lead to better control and visibility.

Savings Tracking

PaaS providers can track and report on the savings generated through their procurement outsourcing service efforts in managing tail spend. This allows the company to measure the impact of their procurement strategies.


Procurement service providers, offering PaaS solutions, can scale with the company’s needs. As the business grows or as tail spend evolves, the procurement service provider can adapt its services accordingly.

Time Savings

By outsourcing the management of tail spend to a procurement service company, internal procurement teams can focus on more strategic sourcing activities. This is a more efficient use of their time and expertise.

Access to Technology

Procurement outsourcing service providers often use advanced procurement technology, such as e-procurement systems and spend analysis tools, to optimize tail spend. These technologies can provide better visibility and control.

Conclusion Procurement Outsourcing Service and Tail Spend

In summary, Procurement as a Service can help with tail spend management by leveraging expertise, resources, and technology.  It can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and better control over tail spend, ultimately contributing to a more effective and strategic procurement process within an organization.

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