How to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiencies?

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Automation allows businesses to tackle inefficient processes and systems, make improvements to those elements, and have more time to focus on other business matters that require their attention. Automating processes is a great way to prioritize tasks and operations with the ultimate goal of increasing the growth and productivity of your business. Choosing the right things to automate and the right tools to do the job, of course, is what will make all the difference. But how to automate your business and pick the right tasks and processes to automate? Keep reading to learn more.

The Value of Automation: A Process Automation Example

For the sake of better explaining the value of automation, we’ll use an example of an HR team. Recruiters are generally fairly overwhelmed by all of the tasks involved in the hiring process. After all, there are a lot of tedious steps involved, and many of them could be automated to help increase efficiency:

  • Automated applications and online submissions
  • Screening and pre-employment testing can be done digitally
  • Automated interview scheduling and reminder programs
  • Applicant follow-up

Of course, you’re not going to completely remove the personal touch from the process. At some point, the HR team will be required to make phone calls and have face-to-face interviews with potential employees. However, in the meantime, they can focus their efforts where they are needed while the hiring process mostly takes care of itself.

Features of Automation

Automation solutions provide a number of features and tools that any business can use to get more out of their day-to-day operations. Here’s what most standard automation platforms offer:

  • Workflow Management: This is the most crucial part of the optimization process when it comes to automation. You will be able to set up schedules and tasks based on rules that you input for the system to follow. For example, you can have email notifications sent every time a certain task occurs. This reduces the manual workload and offers a more efficient workflow management process.
  • Assignment Rules: You can make rules for assigning sales leads and tasks for your employees, automating the process of lead generation and conversion. This will improve efficiency, but it will also eliminate the debate of who is supposed to be doing what.
  • Schedules: You can use schedule automation to notify contacts of new products or services, share upcoming events, alert sales reps to customer interest, and streamline other tasks and daily processes. Automation scheduling tools are invaluable to modern business operations.
  • Actions: The ability to configure actions that can occur automatically will again reduce the manual workload for everyone involved. Organizations can decide to create actions that are immediate or that are scheduled based on specific criteria.
  • Scoring and Case Escalation Rules: The ability to set rules for scoring leads and escalating tickets will allow you to save time on leads that won’t come through and ensure that all cases/tickets are handled promptly and effectively.

Automation Tips and Reminders

To make the most of business automation and boost your efficiency, here are some quick tips to help you develop your strategies:

  • Build agile programs and processes
  • Choose an effective automation tool or team to assist with the transformation
  • Ask employees which automation strategies or elements are going to have the biggest impact or offer the most assistance. Your people know what they need.
  • Integrate data and utilize data management platforms for easy analysis of your business data.
  • If you’re not sure about going it alone, consider investing in a professional company that can assist with business process automation and other digital improvements.

At Valenta, we have a team of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Experts that are well-versed in business automation and improving processes for the benefit of the bottom line. To learn more about how to automate your business solutions Contact us today. Let’s discuss how we can help increase your business efficiency and give you the tools to grow your brand through automation.