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Live chat is a feature that’s popping up on more and more websites around the Internet. It seems like every company is cashing in on the chatbot that invites users to reach out and communicate in real-time, and the live chat feature is becoming even more popular. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are searching out other communication tools and methods that will give their customers a chance to connect in a way that works for them. 

According to a recent study, as many as 52% of consumers will be more likely to revisit and repurchase from a brand that has a live chat feature. In our fast-paced, virtual, AI-fueled society, live chat is the only human interaction that customers will get during an online transaction. If you don’t offer that, they’ll find a competitor that does.

Multi-Channel Communication is More Important Than Ever

In light of recent events, a lot of people are starting to understand the importance of having multiple channels of communication that allow them to reach out to people in a way that works for them. Stores and brands that once had a physical presence where they could interact with people may not be open right now. Companies with call centers might not have employees available to take calls. However, people are still going to need to ask questions and get support when they are working with an online retailer or service provider. 

Thus, there had to be a solution. Traditional customer service, auto-generated emails, and the typical 48-hour response time for many generic customer support forms are no longer getting the job done. People need instant answers, and they need them conveniently. That is where the live chat feature comes into play. People don’t want to wait. They won’t even wait five minutes, in most cases. Recent data shows that after five minutes, the likelihood of a conversion is 10 times lower than if they had gotten an instant response.

The live chat feature is changing the game and is where everyone needs to focus right now. Still not convinced? Consider this:

While only 14% of the businesses surveyed had a live chat feature in place, 9 of 10 survey respondents stated that they expected a live chat feature from the online companies.

It’s not just helpful—it’s expected.

What is Live Chat?

The live chat feature is a unique offering that will allow you to talk to your customers in real-time. They can send a simple message, which notifies your employees, who can then respond accordingly. Setting it up is easy, and the backend of these services is set up just like a regular messaging service, so it’s easy for employees to learn. 

The live chat can be set up with “canned” responses or saved messages that you frequently send to save your employees repetitive typing. Another alternative is a bot that if used effectively, can direct your customers to what they are looking for.

Benefits of Live Chat Support

There are several benefits of providing live chat support to customers, aside from the fact that it’s just a necessary part of online business today. Some of the perks that you will find include:

  • More Leads: When you can give people answers right away, you’ll bring in more leads on a day-to-day basis. This is partly because you’ll be able to connect with more people and partially because people will appreciate your instant responses through the live chat service.
  • Assistance All the Time: With a live chat feature, you can integrate a chatbot that is available after-hours, or if employees are unavailable, ensuring that even if there isn’t a person, there is an interactive way to get answers or leave a message for when a person is available.
  • Builds Credibility: People are naturally more inclined to trust a company that is always there for them. After all, if you believe in your brand, you will give your customers the support and assistance that they need on their terms. Offering live chat does precisely that.

These are the biggest perks of live chat services, although there are probably dozens of other benefits that you could come up with, depending on how and how well you integrate this tool. That’s next.

Successful Execution: Tips and Insight

It’s not difficult to execute the live chat feature, so long as you have the right information and tools.

We have set up a chatbot on our website, which is designed to help you get the information and assistance that you need if we’re not available. This is something that any business can do to give people another way to communicate, ask questions, and gather the information that they seek.

Most of the live chat tools available today have an interactive, user-friendly guide that will help you through the process of setting up your live chat service. They will allow you to tailor everything from colors and themes to a welcome message and more. You can also add your contact information, incorporate JavaScript, WordPress, and other tools, and so on.

Installing and setting up the software is a relatively simple process that just about anyone can handle. The process will vary slightly from one chat app to the next, but they’re all designed to set you up for success, so it should be easy to execute your live chat integration.

Get on Board or Get Left Behind

Today’s live chat is a modern, real-time messaging solution that is changing the way customers get information and answers. It’s something that no online brand can afford to forego when setting up their customer communication tools. People expect instant answers. Live chat helps you deliver that, both through real-time contact with your employees and with the addition of a chatbot for further assistance. It needs to be one of the top tools that you implement, and it needs to be implemented now.