India vs. the Philippines: BPO or Staff Leasing? (Part 4 of 4)

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Not Just Any BPO Provider: A Guide to Moving Forward

In this series, we’ve explored the history of India in the outsourcing industry, as well as the benefits offered by going this route. We’ve also touched on the differences between the outsourcing model used in India and the most popular one in the Philippines. Out of all that discussion, one fact has become very clear – India remains the preferred location for outsourcing, and the BPO method offers great benefits for growth and success.

However, one thing that might not be clear is how to choose the right BPO provider. It can be pretty confusing. In this final installment, we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Finding a Trusted BPO Partner

It makes sense to secure a BPO provider that has in-depth expertise across multiple markets and a broad range of services, from accounting to IT, marketing, and more. The right company can provide you with all the services you need under one roof, alleviating the challenges and problems that stem from having to work with multiple companies. The result? Improved efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to focus on what you do best while an expert team handles your outsourced processes.

At Valenta BPO, we believe that outsourcing is part of your journey – a very important part. However, other considerations across business units for process optimization and automation should also be major considerations when choosing a partner. When choosing a trusted BPO partner, consider the four factors below and how they play into your ultimate decision.

1. Quality Assurance

Ensure that the BPO provider has systems and processes set up to ensure appropriate workflow and quality assurance. After all, outsourcing business processes to a partner does you little good if those processes aren’t completed to your expectations and need in terms of quality and accuracy. For instance, if you’re outsourcing your accounting needs, then the BPO provider must deliver accurate, timely results. The very success of your business hinges on it.

To ensure quality across all outsourced services, the BPO provider might take a number of steps and implement any of several strategies. For instance, as Valenta BPO, we use a Team Manager model to help assure quality at all times. Managers regularly audit and evaluate service provider output for accuracy, quality, and other important factors that affect the value we deliver to our clients.

Never settle for a BPO partner that does not provide transparent solutions and systems designed to assure you of quality and accuracy in all outsourced business processes.

2. Communications

What communications methods are available to ensure you can remain in contact with your BPO team? Accurate, ongoing communication is absolutely critical. The more hoops you must jump through here, the greater the chance for miscommunication and misunderstanding. At best, that reduces the value of the outsourced services. At worst, it could lead to serious problems, including regulatory issues (if you’re outsourcing processes subject to industry or government regulations).

At Valenta BPO, we believe that communication is essential to success and we go to great lengths to make sure that you’re always able to stay in touch with your team. We use a number of communication tools, including video conferencing. However, we understand that sometimes you just need a way to send a quick note, or ask a brief question, and video calling may not be the ideal way to do that.

We support more agile communication methods for those situations, including chat/messenger applications, smart sheets, and other applications that show workflow and project completion. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is always on the same page, and we tailor our efforts to ensure that we accomplish that.

3. Contracts

On the surface, contracts seem to offer protection for both parties. However, when you look deeper, they can be extremely problematic. Contracts essentially lock you into terms that primarily benefit the BPO provider. They limit your flexibility, exclude your ability to expand services, and short-circuit growth and success. In fact, it’s entirely possible to find yourself stuck in an entirely one-sided contract, benefiting the BPO provider, and costing you time, money, and sanity.

At Valenta BPO, we offer no lock-in contracts as part of our normal operations. That ensures our clients always have access to every service they need, delivers critical flexibility, and ensures that they can scale staff up or down to meet seasonal needs, industry changes, and other factors that affect their staffing demands.

4. Local Presence

There is nothing quite like having a local management team ready to access and assist with your business challenges. Every country has specific requirements for business processes. A lack of local presence could land your business in hot legal waters. Even in a best-case scenario, you might find that your message is muddied, that communication with other entities is compromised, and that gaffes mar your performance.

At Valenta BPO, we have Managing Partners across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, who possess specialist skills and knowledge, both of which are essential to ensuring that you outsource only what’s necessary and that you never pay for outsourced services you do not need. They also ensure that you can benefit from engaging in process optimization and digital transformation, leveraging your competitive edge.

The BPO Partner You Need

As you can see, there are some important considerations to be made when choosing a BPO partner. It’s critical that you make an informed, accurate decision, as all BPO companies are not created equal. While the right partner can foster business growth, stability, and success, the wrong partner could spell disaster.

Ready to learn more about how Valenta BPO can help you achieve more while refocusing on what your business does best? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. There is a better way to build your business and we can help.