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Transforming Productivity and Profitability in Accounting

The Accounting industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Technology enhancement has driven changes across both the Practice and Client landscapes. SMB adoption of cloud-based Finance Software has created new opportunities for firms to automate their service delivery to clients. At the same time, creating both the opportunity and imperative to adapt their business model to providing differentiated Advisory services rather than a sole focus on Tax and Compliance.

For years Valenta has helped Accounting Firms of all sizes leverage offshore talent to service their clients. We understand the problems in the Accounting sector and provide an array of services which range from staff augmentation, consulting to RPA solutions which help increase productivity and profits.

With Valenta You Can

Avoid 25k hours of rework

Have a 24/7/365 workforce

Improve efficency by 75%

We Help Address Key Challenges in Accounting

Attracting new clients

Utilize Valenta’s data analytics to identify and target potential clients, enhance marketing strategies, and increase client acquisition rates.

Loss of productivity due to repetitive tasks

Implement Valenta’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up your staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Attracting and retaining quality staff

Leverage Valenta’s staff augmentation services to fill skill gaps quickly and efficiently, ensuring your firm has the right talent to thrive and grow.

Maintaining data accuracy

Enhance data integrity with Valenta’s analytics solutions, which provide real-time insights and validation to ensure accurate and reliable financial reporting.

Limitations of existing software platform

Upgrade your technology stack with Valenta’s consulting services, enabling seamless integration of advanced software solutions that meet your firm’s evolving needs.

Removing data duplication and inconsistencies

Employ Valenta’s RPA and analytics to streamline data management processes, eliminating redundancies and ensuring consistent and accurate data across all systems.

Our Services for the Accounting Industry

Robotic Process Automation

Valenta’s RPA solutions take on any manual, repetitive processes that accounting firms rely on people to do today – freeing up valuable time for staff to focus on more strategic work

Conversational AI

Valenta’s Conversational AI solutions understand, process, and respond to voice or text inputs in natural language – allowing companies to deliver exceptional customer and employee experience with 24/7 availability and unmatched efficiency

Data Analytics

Valenta’s Data Analytics service accelerates visibility and drives better insights and decisions from the data across the entire business

Case Studies & Insights

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Invoicing & Payment
Save time and manual effort across multiple financial systems

Unlock the full potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Accounting

Find out how RPA was able to process 43 times more packages per week vs. just human employees
Invoicing & Payment
Save time and manual effort across multiple financial systems

Accounting and Financial Software Expertise

Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in all accounting and financial software

Why Valenta for the Accounting Industry

Agility & Reponsiveness

Our Managing Partners are located in nearly every major market in order to be able to collaborate with you efficiently and to ensure timely response and delivery from the team.

Relationship Focus

Valenta’s Managing Partners are focused on building long-term relationships and offer unmatched experise across nearly every business vertical, allowing us to resolve challenges, enhance efficiency, and minimize costs for our clients.

Global Coverage

We have 48+ offices and 8 service centers in 17 countries across the Americas, UK, Europe, India, Australasia, and growing.

Customer Centric Approach

Our holistic approach is centered on the specific needs and requirements of each client, and Valenta offers unmatched flexibility in our engagements to make it easy and risk-free to work with us.

Hybrid Solutions

Valenta offers a comprehensive set of business solutions ranging from Process Consulting, Automation, Digital Transformation, and Staff Augmentation that can all work together to provide the best solution to fit your needs as you navigate through business transformation.

The Valenta Way

With over 150 combined years of experience working with SMB and mid-market companies around the world, our team created the Valenta Way to ensure we collaborate most effectively, efficiently and consistently with every client.

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