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Retail is a broad and dynamic sector that includes many enterprises, from big-box retailers to conventional brick-and-mortar establishments and everything in between.

The retail industry is undergoing a tremendous transition because of changing consumer tastes, technological improvements, and market trends shaping an ever-evolving landscape. The industry is characterized by a high level of competition, with retailers constantly striving to attract and retain customers through innovative marketing strategies, diverse product offerings, and exceptional customer service.

E-commerce has emerged as a dominant force, fueled by the widespread adoption of digital technologies, mobile commerce, and changing shopping behaviors. Retailers increasingly leverage data analytics, artificial intelligence, and personalized marketing strategies to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.
Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the transition toward multichannel retailing and online buying, forcing merchants to innovate and adjust in response to shifting customer preferences and needs. Sustainability and social responsibility have also become key considerations for retailers, with consumers increasingly seeking ethically sourced products and environmentally friendly practices.

Successfully overcoming the biggest retail challenges of 2024 requires a proactive and adaptive approach. By embracing the right-fit technological advancements, understanding evolving consumer expectations, optimising supply chains, nurturing a skilled workforce, and prioritising data privacy, retailers can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By staying ahead of the curve and implementing effective omnichannel strategies, retailers can thrive amidst the challenges and deliver outstanding experiences that drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Overall, the global retail industry remains highly competitive and dynamic, with opportunities for growth and innovation amidst evolving consumer trends and market dynamics.

We Help Address Key Challenges in Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Evolving Customer Demands

Modern marketing demands customer engagement across multiple channels. However, with so many different channels in play, customer data can often get siloed. This can lead to overwhelming the customer with repeated, or even conflicting messages.

Solution: Identifying and implementing the best-fit CRM systems, utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, can help retailers understand their customers better, personalise their marketing efforts, and deliver exceptional shopping experiences across multiple channels.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Diversifying supply chains and building resilient networks is critical to retail success. This involves collaborating closely with suppliers, using predictive analytics to anticipate potential disruptions, and exploring alternative sourcing options.

Solution: Embracing technologiy can enhance transparency and traceability, ensuring better supply chain management.

Increasing E-commerce Competition

The need to embrace e-commerce and establish a strong online presence has never been greater.

Solution: This includes investing in user-friendly websites, optimising for mobile devices, and offering seamless online shopping experiences. Additionally, integrating online and offline channels through initiatives like click-and-collect services can help retailers attract and retain customers by offering convenience and flexibility.

Reliance on legacy technology

Solution: When used effectively, technology can supplement employee productivity by saving time and effort, improve the speed of customer service, and reduce human error. It’s also a potential money-saver with the ability to automate certain company areas. The modern-day customer expects a flawless experience when interacting with technology. If your technological user experience fails to meet these expectations, you risk losing customers and developing a negative reputation.

Optimizing internal communication

Internal communication issues go hand-in-hand with reliance on legacy technology.

Solution: Retailers need to upgrade their tech and begin building an ecosystem of software that speak to each other intelligently so that retail operations teams get a centralized insight into communications, compliance certifications, training progress, and shift scheduling. 

Our Services for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine tasks and processes with Valenta’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing errors in inventory management, order processing, and customer service.

Conversational AI

Enhance customer engagement and support with Valenta’s Conversational AI solutions, providing 24/7 virtual assistance, personalized recommendations, and seamless interactions across multiple platforms.

Data Analytics

Gain actionable insights and drive growth with Valenta’s Data Analytics services, leveraging advanced analytics to optimize pricing strategies, forecast demand, and understand consumer behavior.


Transform your business with Valenta’s expert consulting services, offering strategic guidance and customized solutions to improve supply chain efficiency, boost sales, and enhance customer experiences.

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We believe that one of the biggest benefits of retailer process consulting services is obtaining documentation and clarity on what exactly is going on in a business. Often it takes an unbiased party to capture everything that is happening in a business and report back. It is only with the clarity gained with a holistic view that organizations can improve and streamline. Profits and sales can be increased, and expenses and costs can be driven down with professional and skilled retailer process consulting services. Execution and innovation can also be accelerated. Process consulting can clear the way for real strategy sessions that will take all the relevant information and processes into account. When this is done challenges related to digital adoption, staffing, employee retention, customer loyalty, omnichannel communications and any number of things can successfully be addressed.
Our process consulting services can help midsized and smaller retailers get over the hump, document and assess where they are at, and then adopt digital transformation, outsourced staffing, omnichannel communications strategies, or other initiatives.
Investing is solutions driven by RPA for retail sector can offer multiple benefits such as: Personalized Customer Experiences, Dynamic Pricing Strategies, Seamless Omni-Channel Integration, Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility, Advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention, Streamlined Returns and Exchange Process etc.
Inventory Management, Order Processing and Fulfillment, Customer Service and Support, Price Monitoring and Optimization, Data Entry and Management, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Promotions, Fraud Detection and Prevention.
Retailers may gain from using RPA software by simplifying inventory management communication across departments and suppliers, accurately tracking inventory levels, and anticipating supply and demand. When RPA software is implemented carefully and with appropriate process mapping and discovery, it may be extremely beneficial for any retail business. RPA robots may be used for more than just creating alerts, moving data across systems, and monitoring inventories. AI & ML skills also assist in tracking patterns and preventing inventory shortage issues.
In the future, RPA will become an integral component of hyper-automation in retail, enabling end-to-end process automation across the entire value chain. Cognitive Automation Augmented RPA Process Discovery and Mining Intelligent Process Automation.