Davidson Hang

Davidson is a distinguished professional with a rich background in Enterprise Sales, boasting extensive experience with renowned tech organizations such as LinkedIn, Fortune, Udemy, TriNet, and others. Davidson has a profound interest in personal development and leadership, underscored by his background in Executive Life Coaching. His commitment to social impact is evident through his active […]

Richard Pierle

Richard Pierle

Richard is a seasoned executive with a distinguished career spanning several decades, marked by his leadership in technology and digital transformation. Joining Valenta as a Managing Partner, Richard brings a wealth of experience to the team, focusing on delivering impactful results to companies in the New Jersey and Metro NY areas.  Throughout his career, Richard […]

Kishore Siva


Kishore Siva is a senior executive with 25 years of experience building and leading customer experience, sales, and BPO organizations. Having partnered with Valenta as a Managing Director, Kishore has a strong focus on companies in the Mid-Atlantic offering extensive knowledge, experience, and support. With Valenta providing consulting, digital transformation, and outsourcing services to companies […]