Kenneth West

As a managing partner Ken can provide an incredible wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set. Leveraging a military background paired with years in the Fortune 500 and small business environments of finance and accounting, Ken offers a unique perspective that can lead to simple, scalable, sustainable growth for the long term. The combination […]

Steve Earley

Steve Earley is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience driving business development and executing global strategic and technical engagements for organizations across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Defense, Government, Public Accounting, and Technology sectors. Steve is focused on companies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as the DC Metro region, offering extensive […]

Davidson Hang

Davidson is a distinguished professional with a rich background in Enterprise Sales, boasting extensive experience with renowned tech organizations such as LinkedIn, Fortune, Udemy, TriNet, and others. Davidson has a profound interest in personal development and leadership, underscored by his background in Executive Life Coaching. His commitment to social impact is evident through his active […]

Naushad Rashid

Naushad Rashid joins Valenta with extensive experience as a senior level finance executive in the local and regional financial sectors. He possesses significant expertise in balancing and managing business and related risks, including credit, financial, sovereign, regulatory, reputational risk, and other potential risks. He has diverse experience working with start-ups to multinational businesses. Naishad has […]

Josie Van Scholten

Josie Van Scholten has held a variety of leadership roles at privately owned medical clinics and surgery centers since earning her MBA from the University of Oregon. She has developed an expertise in optimizing profitability by developing efficient operational workflows to reduce costs and by maximizing revenue cycle processes. After 20 years of managing small […]

Martin Anderson

Martin has more than 25 years of sales and service automation experience. With over 25 years of senior leadership experience building brand and shareholder value through operational and advisory roles in B-to-B and consumer sectors. Anderson is a recognized leader in Sales Operations and business process outsourcing industry. He has provided leadership in areas of […]

Mark Werner

Mark Werner

Mark has nearly 25 years of technical experience in Software Development. The past 15 years have been spent in various roles on the platform ranging from Administrator to Solution Architect. During that time, he has worked across several industry verticals including Chemical Manufacturing, Financial Services, Higher Education, Automotive Coatings, Food Services, and Pharmaceuticals. During […]

Soumam Debgupta

Soumam Debgupta

As a Managing Partner at Valenta, Soumam Debgupta, helps companies scale and achieve their financial goals by simplifying the path to digitizing their operations without the overhead of managing the complexity of the transformation themselves. He is based in the Greater Seattle region helping clients of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest. Soumam has a […]

Eric Salas

Eric Salas - New

As the Managing Partner in Los Angeles, California, Eric Salas is dedicated to helping organizations enhance profitability and performance through customized consulting services and Valenta’s digital transformation, staff augmentation, and learning solutions. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, product development, and business operations, Eric is a strategic leader who is passionate about scaling […]

Sabina Zafar

Sabina Zafar

Sabina is a versatile professional with a strong background in cloud technology. She is also an entrepreneur and a community leader .She leverages her extensive skills and experience to assist clients in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges through innovative solutions. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, Sabina has honed her […]