Kenneth West

As a managing partner Ken can provide an incredible wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set. Leveraging a military background paired with years in the Fortune 500 and small business environments of finance and accounting, Ken offers a unique perspective that can lead to simple, scalable, sustainable growth for the long term. The combination […]

Soumam Debgupta

Soumam Debgupta

As a Managing Partner at Valenta, Soumam Debgupta, helps companies scale and achieve their financial goals by simplifying the path to digitizing their operations without the overhead of managing the complexity of the transformation themselves. He is based in the Greater Seattle region helping clients of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest. Soumam has a […]

Jeff Sensmeier


As Managing Director at Valenta, Jeff Sensmeier is responsible for delivering exceptional levels of service and value to clients. In addition to serving his own group of clients, Jeff is building and supporting a team of high-performing Valenta Managing Partners across the US West Region, including the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, […]