Daniel Vranceanu has over 15 years of experience in leadership and business development roles across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Having a global mindset, he managed high scale-projects, business units and areas, being ultimate decision maker and accountable.

Daniel is a people manager and a versatile leader, who led multi-national teams across several locations and integrated cross-functional teams from multiple operations, logistics, procurement, and financial.

Daniel With a background in oil and gas and automotive industries, he managed the complexities of meeting high customer demands and timelines, while meeting shareholder expectations. Daniel earned his MBA in General Management from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris and has Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Engineering. He is also PMP certified, since 2020.

Daniel Vranceanu Managing Director, Valenta BPO, Romania

Daniel With Valenta, he can leverage his knowledge across business operations, focusing on helping businesses grow, through embracing technology and digital transformation. He works to find solutions to complex challenges, to identify opportunities for businesses to thrive, to streamline business processes, reduce cost and enhance efficiency at all levels.

Daniel is also keen on building out a world-class team of Managing Partners in Europe and to fortify Valenta’s presence and position as the global market leader in comprehensive consulting and digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.