David Levine has over thirty years of business experience as a trusted advisor, leader, and mentor at Fortune 500 companies. Throughout his career, David held various roles where he managed professional services teams and that built products tailored for financial users. In his most recent positions at Business Wire and Nasdaq, David led product strategy, guiding product and user experience teams in developing solutions to drive customer success.

David has also founded and owns two ecommerce companies selling products and Amazon and on the Shopify platform. As a Managing Partner at Valenta, David focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in companies within the financial services and planning space. David’s expertise lies in finding solutions to complex business problems that optimize profitability and efficiency for our customer operations.

At Valenta, his role is delivering a comprehensive range of consulting, digital transformation, and staffing solutions to clients across diverse industry verticals. Leveraging his in-depth knowledge of business operations, David identifies opportunities for businesses to thrive and devises tailored strategies that drive growth and foster success. His expertise spans crucial areas such as market research, data analysis, strategic planning, and operational optimization, enabling him to provide comprehensive guidance to his clients. David’s greatest strength lies in his capacity to build strong relationships with his clients. He firmly believes in a collaborative approach, working closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and objectives. By developing a deep understanding of their pain points and aspirations, David delivers customized solutions that address their specific challenges, driving profitable and sustainable growth.

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