Richard is a seasoned executive with a distinguished career spanning several decades, marked by his leadership in technology and digital transformation. Joining Valenta as a Managing Partner, Richard brings a wealth of experience to the team, focusing on delivering impactful results to companies in the New Jersey and Metro NY areas. 

Throughout his career, Richard has excelled in partnering with organizations to navigate complex organizational, process, and technology challenges, disruptive changes, and pivotal mission-critical events. His remarkable ability to execute strategies effectively has garnered praise from corporate leaders and teams alike. Richard has consistently demonstrated his aptitude for bridging the gap between present challenges and future opportunities, while also possessing the skill to diagnose and clarify complex issues. 

In addition to his role at Valenta, Richard leads a distinguished career as CEO at a Digital Advisory Service company, where he leverages his expertise to drive digital transformation and deliver value across various industries. Previously, Richard was the CIO and EVP of Shared Services for Becton Dickinson, a $16B Global Medical Device Manufacturer, where he reinvested in new technologies and made significant changes to improve the overall organization. His passion for guiding companies to a new technology-enabled reality makes him a valuable asset to Valenta’s mission. 

Richard holds a deep commitment to the New Jersey and NY Metro regions, and his expertise is poised to make a significant impact as he continues his journey as a Managing Partner. 

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