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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a game-changer for companies looking to gain efficiency and become more competitive. Automating routine processes and tasks frees up time and allows employees in nearly every function to focus on the highest-value work. However, with the rise in automation and AI it can be challenging to find the resources and time to implement RPA solutions successfully – especially for SMB and mid-market companies.

Valenta makes it easy for businesses of any size to implement RPA. We have a team of digital transformation experts and RPA developers and consultants around the globe, and we can provide specific resources or managed services for RPA strategy and implementation. We also offer a risk-free Proof of Concept to make it easy to get started.

ROI with RPA over three years for enterprise organizations
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Source: Forrester

Hours per week are wasted on tasks that should be automated

Source: UIPath, 2021 Office Worker Survey


Cost Reduction

RPA can significantly reduce labor costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. This frees up resources for more strategic or value-added activities.
Increased Efficiency
RPA can execute tasks more quickly than human workers.  This increases overall process efficiency.  RPA drives faster turnaround times this ripples exponentially through organizations.
Improved Accuracy
RPA bots always follow predefined rules and algorithms. They can reduce the risk of human error in data entry and other repetitive tasks because they always do things the same way. This leads to better accuracy and quality.
RPA can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate fluctuations in workload. This flexibility enables businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs with no need for additional human resources.
Improved Compliance
RPA can help organizations maintain better compliance with regulations by automating data collection, reporting, and auditing tasks. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and any associated penalties.
Employee Satisfaction
By automating mundane, repetitive tasks, RPA can free up employees to focus on more engaging, creative, or strategic work. This leads to higher job satisfaction and productivity.
We're super happy with how things have turned out working with Valenta's bots at Payroll Sorted. It's been a game-changer, making our payroll processing smoother and letting our team focus on the stuff that needs a human touch. Having bots take care of the repetitive tasks has been a big win for us. Working with Valenta has been awesome, and we're excited to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can do together. Here's to more innovation and growth!
Payroll Sorted

Every Department Can Benefit from RPA

Robotic Process Automation
  • Accelerate invoice processing
  • Transform supplier experience with faster onboarding
  • Automate sales order entry and billing processes
  • Produce timely and accurate business reporting
  • Reduce processing times for disclosure
  • Improve cash-forecast reliability
  • Digitize reconciliation processes
  • Higher better and faster with fewer resources
  • Reduce manual work and handoffs to improve employee experience
  • Help new hires onboard faster
  • Enhance compliance and reduce cycle times
  • Empower employees with digital assistants
  • Drive talent management, performance development, and rewards and recognition platforms
  • Take support requests off to-do lists and shrink resolution times
  • Manage higher volume of cybersecurity alerts and accelerate response
  • Streamline provisioning, configuing and deployment tasks
  • Expand self-service capabilities to create a more efficient workplace
  • Assign routine work like patching, upgrades, and testing to software robots
  • Bridge the gaps between siloed systems and deliver a single version of truth
  • Decrease time to market and break down silos between engineering and operations
  • Increase planning and forecast accuracy
  • Reduce cost of operations and increase visiblity and communication between business partners
  • Improve product quality by concurrently updating engineering changes and consolidating quality data
  • Grow profitability by automating transactional and document-based, global trade processes
  • Reduce duplication of work with legal document and workflow automation
  • Improve staff’s e-discovery capabilities with AI & RPA data extraction from multiple sources
  • Save time with contract review and extraction processes – and reduce errors that come from manual data entry
  • Improve accuracy in processing legal documents
  • Optimize workflow and contract optimization through digitalization
  • Simplify matter management and give your team time back to best apply their legal expertise
  • Provide self-service tools to resolve issues
  • Automate QA tasks to improve compliance
  • Reduce agent training time
  • Build single automations that can scale across channels for more consistent and faster service
  • Reduce workloads so agents can focus on developing soft skills
  • Enable team leads to focus on developing agents instead of manual tasks
  • Automate, execute and manage tests across any technology
  • Boost testing time with cloud-based, distributed test execution
  • Support migrations and upgrades with enterprise-grade test automation, execution and management capabilities
  • Integrate testing into the CI/CD pipeline

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Invoicing & Payment
Save time and manual effort across multiple financial systems

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