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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots are an innovative solution that have been gaining popularity in recent years, especially in AP or accounts payable. Robotic process automation for accounts payable can bring many advantages to accounting departments and to accounting firms. AP is a leading area where we are seeing uptake in RPA deployments. RPA is no longer only a tool being leveraged by big corporate entities. RPA for SMB organizations is increasing rapidly. In this article we will highlight RPA for accounts payable, some misconceptions about RPA, robotic process automation accounts payable benefits, bots for accountants, and bots for SMB organizations.

RPA Misconceptions

Before we dig into the benefits of RPA for accounts payable let’s first address some of the ways RPA is misunderstood. There are many misconceptions about RPA bots. Some common ones we hear are that they are too expensive, that they are complicated to set up, that they are only for big companies and that small business or midsized companies can’t use them. We also hear the misconceptions that RPA bots will replace human workers.  When in reality, they make work easier for human workers and allow them to focus on higher-value tasks and roles.  And as for the other misconceptions, … they are all off the mark as well.

Robotic Process Automation Accounts Payable Benefits

We are seeing a big interest from our clients in RPA for accounts payable. Many accounting and finance functions lend themselves easily to RPA and AP is one of them. Robotic process automation accounts payable can have many advantages and cost savings. One significant benefit of using RPA bots in accounts payable is increased accuracy.  RPA bots are designed to process data accurately and quickly, reducing the risk of errors that can occur with manual data entry. Doing something the same way every time makes them super accurate. Once properly set up and fine-tuned, RPA for accounts payable can approach set it and forget it status. Accurate financial reporting is critical for decision-making and compliance, and RPA bots can help achieve that.

Another benefit of RPA bots is increased efficiency. RPA bots can process invoices and payments much faster than human workers, allowing accounting departments to process more invoices in less time. This can lead to faster payment cycles, which can improve supplier relationships and cash flow. They can also increase the likelihood that businesses can take advantage of favorable payment terms when they wish. In addition to accuracy and efficiency, RPA bots can also improve compliance in accounts payable. By following specific rules and guidelines, RPA bots ensure that all invoices and payments are processed in compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements. This reduces the risk of fraud and errors that can have serious consequences for any organization.

RPA for Accounts Payable Staff

RPA bots are designed to mimic human actions, such as data entry and processing, to automate repetitive tasks.  This can be especially useful in accounts payable, where there are many repetitive tasks involved. By automating these tasks with RPA bots, the accounts payable department can save time and increase accuracy, as well as free up human workers to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks. RPA for accounts payable can be deployed in any type of company, all will have accounts payable departments. Robotic process automation in accounts payable can also be deployed in Accounting firms who provide services to their clients that include AP.

RPA for SMB Organizations

RPA bots can provide significant benefits to accountants. They also provide advantages to other types of business, especially for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These organizations often have limited resources, making it challenging to adopt RPA bots. However, using Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can make the process much easier. Bots for SMB organizations can be a game changer. MSPs provide SMBs with access to the necessary technology and expertise, as a service. Services are typically flexible and run month to month after initial discovery and set up phases. MSPs can help SMBs integrate RPA bots into their operations seamlessly. Valenta is an MSP for RPA services. We have helped enable bots for SMB organizations and made sure that RPA for SMB clients is affordable. A common function we deploy is accounts payable automation.

Bots for SMB Benefits

RPA bots are not just for large enterprises anymore. They are beneficial for any accounting department or firm, regardless of the organization’s size. In addition to AP, bots can be used to automate tasks such as invoice processing, data entry, and payment processing, freeing up human workers to focus on more strategic tasks. This can be especially useful for small accounting departments or firms with limited resources. It’s essential to note that RPA bots do not replace human workers but instead augment their work. By taking over repetitive and low-value tasks, RPA bots allow human workers to spend more time with clients or customers, focus on higher-value tasks such as analyzing financial data, identifying patterns and trends, and making strategic decisions. All of this can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in the accounting functions, benefiting the entire organization.

Want to Learn More?

RPA bots are an innovative and valuable tool for accounting departments and accounting firms and service providers. RPA for accounts payable offer many benefits, including increased accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.  They also can dramatically reduce costs in a business. By partnering with MSPs, SMBs can adopt RPA bots and integrate them into their operations easily and cost effectively. Valenta is an RPA MSP.  We have Managing Partners located in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Australia, New Zealand and in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Many of our Managing Partners have experience and knowledge about RPA implementations.  Working with nearshore and offshore teams our Partners can provide a variety of RPA services. We make it our mission to supply RPA for SMB organizations. Please find our main page for Robotic Process Automation here. A link to a page where you can request a free complimentary consultation with one of our Managing Partners about RPA can be found in the highlighted link.