Top 10 Issues EU Companies Face with REACH & How Staffing Solutions for REACH Can Help

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The regulatory landscape for EU companies under the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) framework provides for public safety but also presents many challenges for organizations to implement.  These hurdles require careful attention and require a deep understanding of the legislation.

In this article we will outline the Top 10 Issues EU Companies Face with REACH and highlight how staffing solutions for REACH can provide effective REACH compliance solutions.

The Top 10 Issues EU Companies Face with REACH

1. Registration Requirements

The arduous documentation and data submission process for chemical registration is a significant challenge.  REACH staff augmentation offers on-demand expertise, simplifying this complex process and ensuring timely submissions. 

2. Cost Implications

The financial burden of REACH compliance can be high, especially for SMEs (small and midsized enterprises).  Staffing solutions for REACH offer a flexible and cost-efficient approach, allowing companies to allocate their resources more strategically.

3. Data Sharing and Confidentiality

The need to share sensitive data while safeguarding proprietary information poses a unique challenge. Outsourced REACH compliance expertise can ensure that data is managed securely and in full compliance with REACH requirements.  Staff augmentation resources typically work in secure work centers and on cloud platforms.  

4. Substance Identification

Identifying and characterizing substances accurately is crucial. It also requires knowledge of chemicals.  REACH staff augmentation provides specialized knowledge in chemical analysis, ensuring substances are identified correctly.

5. Supply Chain Communication

Effective communication across the supply chain is essential for compliance. Communication needs to consistent, constant, and comprehensive.  Staffing solutions for REACH can improve communication, make sure necessary roles are filled, and ensure all parties meet their regulatory obligations.

6. Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)

The CSA process is complex and demands specific expertise. Not every business has access to staff that have chemical training.  Many do not have access to specialized staff that fit within their budget.  REACH staff augmentation brings in specialists who can conduct these assessments efficiently and thoroughly.

7. Authorization and Restriction Processes

Navigating the authorization of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) requires intricate knowledge.  So is complying with restrictions.  Having people onboard with experience here is best.  Outsourced REACH compliance expertise guides companies through these processes, minimizing uncertainties.

8. SVHCs and Candidate List Updates

Staying abreast of updates to the SVHC candidate list requires vigilance. It requires time too, doing so can be part of REACH specialists required scope.  Staffing solutions for REACH ensure that companies can adapt to these regulatory changes and stay in compliance.

9. Compliance for Imported Goods

Ensuring that imported goods comply with REACH adds complexity to work of companies that work with chemicals.  Outsourced REACH compliance expertise is crucial for companies engaged in international trade to navigate these challenges successfully.

10. Regulatory Evolution and Uncertainty

The changing nature of REACH regulations demands constant monitoring.  If businesses do not have dedicated people following up on REACH and doing the day-to-day work, they can fall behind.  REACH compliance solutions can provide ongoing regulatory insight, helping companies stay ahead of changes.

The Impact of Staffing Solutions for REACH

Leveraging staffing solutions for REACH is an excellent option to overcoming many of the Top 10 issues EU companies face with REACH.  By taking advantage of outsourced REACH compliance expertise, companies can navigate the complexities of REACH more efficiently and cost-effectively. REACH staff augmentation enables businesses to adapt to regulatory changes and ensures continuous compliance without the need for long-term hiring.

Valenta REACH Staffing Solutions: Expertise and Support for Compliance

Valenta provides specialized staffing solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of REACH compliance.  We help companies to scale their workforce according to project and staffing requirements.  Valenta’s staffing solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of REACH compliance, providing companies with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently and effectively.

Key Advantages of our REACH Staffing Solutions Include:

  • Specialized Academic Background: Our team consists of postgraduates in Chemistry and allied fields, ensuring a high level of expertise and specialization in the REACH process.
  • Industry-Certified Knowledge: Each professional is certified for the REACH process, guaranteeing that they possess the necessary qualifications and understanding of compliance requirements.
  • Professional Industry Support: Our staff is supported by experienced professionals from the industry, providing a solid foundation of practical knowledge and insight.
  • Multilingual Support: We offer full-time support from multi-lingual professionals, facilitating effective communication and regional support across diverse language barriers.



Staffing solutions for REACH can not only mitigate the challenges associated with compliance but also transform them into opportunities for strategic growth and improved profits.  By leveraging outsourced REACH compliance expertise, companies can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce compliance costs, and ensure they remain competitive in the global market. In the evolving landscape of REACH regulations, REACH compliance solutions and REACH staff augmentation are indispensable tools for achieving and maintaining compliance.

Please reach out here if you would like to learn more about staffing solutions for REACH and outsourced REACH compliance expertise.