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Healthcare providers like many businesses can benefit greatly from staff augmentation. In addition to being caregivers, healthcare providers are a business. There are many back office roles like billing, collections, accounting, bookkeeping, managing insurance claims that can all be outsourced. Supporting physicians with medical scribes is also increasing in regularity, as is the hiring of virtual assistants for healthcare providers. At Valenta we provide all of these services, and more.

In addition to highlighting ways healthcare providers can leverage staff augmentation we will also cover challenges for healthcare providers, what staff augmentation for healthcare providers looks like, healthcare providers staff augmentation benefits, plus how healthcare providers staff augmentation works. 

Challenges for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face many challenges. Issues that are more unique to healthcare include provider burnout, grappling with insurance companies, plus government regulation and compliance. Providing quality patient experience is also critical. Other challenges are common to many industries like implementing new technology and cyber security. Data analysis and cost controls are additional issues providers face that cut across many sectors of the economy. Staffing issues are a challenge for many industries, but it can be acute in the healthcare space and come with specific requirements. For this last issue of staffing, virtual assistants for healthcare providers can be a big help.  Admins can be trained for billing, insurance processing, and as scribes for practitioners.

Staff Augmentation for Healthcare Providers

Admins that offload office work at a healthcare provider or medical scribes to support doctors are not the only roles that can be filled with staff augmentation and relieve staffing pressures at a medical practice or healthcare provider.  As mentioned above, accounting, bookkeeping, plus IT and software admins and other classical outsourced positions can also be provided. In our experience though, it is the virtual assistant at healthcare providers, trained in various back office roles, that provides the most relief. Appointment scheduling, confirmations and rescheduling can all be offloaded.  Referral management and insurance authorizations and follow up can also be assigned to a virtual assistant for healthcare providers. When it comes to scribes, they can support many different types of providers including urgent care, emergency rooms, cardiology, ophthalmology, radiology, endocrinology and many more.

Healthcare Providers Staff Augmentation Benefits

Leveraging staff augmentation for healthcare providers can bring many benefits. Virtual assistants for healthcare providers can likewise benefit a practice and help them to be more efficient, productive, and profitable. The patient experience can be enhanced through their use both in the front end of providing better care and the back end billing and business aspects of a practice. Staff augmentation for healthcare providers can also help to decrease caregiver burnout. Bringing on a virtual assistant at healthcare providers can allow caregivers to only give care or mostly be in a caregiving role. The right people can be in the right roles and working on the tasks that are best suited to their training and compensation.

How Does Healthcare Providers Staff Augmentation Work

At Valenta all of our healthcare providers staff augmentation runs month to month. Staff can be ramped up or scaled down in a very flexible manner. Our staff work in service centers and are managed by Valenta team leaders who manage and assist other resources who provide the same or similar services. Our resources are up to speed on commonly used medical software applications. As mentioned above our outsourced workers  can also help with IT or business functions like accounting and bookkeeping or even business intelligence so a practice can stay on track.  Outsourced staff can also help with compliance topics by making sure there are enough hands to work on this important task. Contracting virtual staff can bring with it the standardization of processes which is also very good for the business in general and compliance especially.

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For more details on staff augmentation for healthcare providers please find our page for Virtual Medical Assistants and Medical Scribes. To start a conversation with one of our local Managing Partners to determine if healthcare providers staff augmentation can help your business or practice, please click the highlighted partner link.