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Business Intelligence Analysts play a critical role in today’s business environment. All businesses whether they are large public companies, or midsized companies and small businesses with 10 to 1,000 employees, process large amounts of information and data. Being able to parse data and helping a business make decisions is the role of a Business Intelligence Analyst.

All companies, large or small are flying blind if they do not dedicate the time and resources to analyze their business data. Large enterprises regularly have Business Intelligence Analysts on the payroll, however, SMBs have not always staffed this position. Finding talent in this area and finding personnel with the latest skills can be costly. For these reasons outsourced business intelligence analyst services can be an excellent solution.

In the remainder of this article, we will dig deeper into the role of a business intelligence analyst, how a business intelligence analyst can help a business, how to outsource business intelligence analysts and business intelligence analyst staff augmentation.

Role of a Business Intelligence Analyst

There are many aspects to what a Business Intelligence Analyst does. The main function of an analyst is to help a business manipulate its data, provide tools and methods for interpreting it, create comprehensive yet easy to digest reports and dashboards, and finally to help a business make informed decisions. A BI analyst will first analyze business processes and requirements. Then they will also develop, implement, and manage the BI solutions a company leverages. They will develop management reports and dashboards for decision makers and customize them for each department in an organization. Dashboards are a key deliverable for BI analysts. Decision makers who are served will include executives in Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT & Technology, plus Operations. Business intelligence analysts will perform in-depth analysis to identify key business risks, business and customer trends and opportunities. Based on their analysis they will make recommendations to improve overall profitability, top line revenue and customer satisfaction and retention. They can also assist in compliance efforts when these are important to a business.

How a Business Intelligence Analyst Can help a Business

A BI analyst can help a business in a variety of ways. The most important thing they do though is to help a business not operate blindly. BI analysts bring data analysis skills, data analytics, and skills for data collection to a business. They are also critical to implementing data mining and data modeling. They are the persons in the organization analyzing data structure and also are the key person behind data visualization. Dashboards, trend analysis, threat identification, and opportunity analysis are all ways a BI analyst can help a business. Making the complex easier in terms of data collection and analysis is the sign of Business Intelligence Analysts meeting the needs of a business. Business Intelligence Analysts can help companies improve profits, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Glassdoor is a website that is an excellent reference for company and job information. It is also an interesting site for average salaries for a wide variety of jobs in different cities. Glassdoor finds that the average salary for a Business Intelligence Analysts is 95K USD a year in Orlando FL, 99K USD annually in Philadelphia PA and 97K USD a year in Denver CO. Glassdoor also has salary info outside of the US and they report that average salaries are 79K CAD annually in Montreal Canada and 45K Pounds per year in London England. Clearly Business Intelligence Analysts are commanding top dollar whether it is US or Canadian, not to mention Pound and Euros too. These salaries stats do not take into account costs for taxes, benefits and overhead that a business would need to plan for when bringing on board a BI analyst. Outsourced business intelligence analyst services can be a good option when a company is looking at that overall cost. Business intelligence analyst staff augmentation often comes in at 70% less to 50% less than those combined costs.

How to Outsource Business Intelligence Analysts

To bring onboard an outsourced Business Intelligence Analyst all a company needs to do is contact service providers like Valenta. Service providers like us can allocate staff quickly and cost effectively. Using service providers like Valenta allows companies to tap into additional larger talent pools. Companies should evaluate a variety of information and metrics when evaluating service providers. Price is a key component, but it is not the only one. A flexible engagement model is also critical. The education and the skills of contracted staff needs to be sufficient, and they should have the appropriate certifications. Some of the skills we look for are Agile and Scrum capabilities combined with experience with software such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Zoho Analytics, SiSense, Cognos, SAS, and SAP Business Objects. Companies should also be sure to outsource to a country where people have good language skills and there is a youthful workforce. As far as outsourcing countries go, they should also have good infrastructure for power, broadband, and transportation. Staff should be working out of Service Centers and have onsite management of staff. Finally, doing business with a service provider that has local or regional account management and contact people can make business intelligence analyst staff augmentation easy to implement.

Want to Learn More?

We hope we have covered why Business Intelligence Analysts play a critical role in today’s business environment. Finding talent in this area and finding personnel with the latest skills does not have to be costly. Outsourced business intelligence analyst services can be the right answer for many SMB organizations. We believe every company should have insight on its business.

Outsourced Business Intelligence Analyst services are a logical extension of our other services. Valenta provides business process optimization consulting in addition to staff augmentation, and we consult on many business intelligence projects. We also provide digital transformation in the form of automation using RPA and conversational AI solutions. In addition to Business Intelligence Analysts, we also provide Application Architects, Big Data Specialists, Cloud Engineers, RPA Developers, Conversational AI Developers, Cyber Security Engineers, Data Analysts and Scientists, Database Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Python Developers, and more. We also provide traditional BPO roles including, accountants, bookkeepers, administrative staff, billing personnel, virtual medical assistants and scribes, web developers, digital marketers, software administrators, paralegals, paraplanners, help desk technicians, to name a few.

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