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Bill Gates stated once that “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”  This quote from Microsoft’s founder really drives home the point that automation can both hurt and help a business.  In order to reap the most benefits from automation, RPA, AI, and ML experts are required.  Those subject matter experts can be internal ones or external and different businesses have unique requirements.

Large Fortune 1000 companies either hire expensive consultants or costly in-house staff to address RPA personnel needs.  The benefits of RPA are numerous, and this is why larger enterprises have been early adopters of RPA.  We highlight some of the reasons why the Fortune 1000 has made this move in our article Why Should a Business Implement RPA.  Saving money, improving accuracy, increasing productivity, improving compliance, and setting a business up for better insights and analytics are all mentioned.  So far, SMBs have had a lower adoption rate of digital transformation and automation.  Leveraging RPA does not have to be an expensive proposition or gamble for midsized companies and small businesses.  SMBs can use RPA developer staff augmentation to get these skills into a business.  An outsourced RPA developer and outsourced RPA developer services can be game changers for SMBs.

The answer to the question of what an RPA developer or consultant can do for a business is pretty simple.  They can help a business of any size automate and compete more effectively.  As the saying goes … if you are not growing you are dying.  AI and automation are upon us.  RPA developers and consultants help a business to automate, help it to grow, act smarter, and operate more efficiently.

 In the remainder of this article, we will cover the role of a RPA developer, how to outsource RPA developers, and how they help businesses. 

Role of an RPA Developer & Consultant

The primary role of an RPA developer is to design, develop, and implement software robots, or bots, to work alongside humans to enhance business process efficiency.  RPA stands for robotic process automation and is the technology behind software bots.  Most RPA Developers working with mid and small-sized companies double as RPA Consultants.  Valenta RPA Developers also provide RPA consultation.  RPA Developers and Consultants interact with many different stakeholders and users in an organization to find ways to streamline their processes through automating tedious, rules-based repetitive tasks.  Business users typically are extremely interested in RPA and automation for mundane processes so that they can have time to work on more creative initiatives.  RPA Developers and Consultants engage with business users to capture all of the requirement scenarios and workflows to create effective automation solutions.  Checking the feasibility of automating a particular process, making sure there is an ROI, and designing and developing bots are all part of the job.  Maintaining bots in use is also part of the role.  Often tweaks are needed as business processes and workflows change slightly.  Outsourced RPA developer services are a quick and flexible way to get these skills sets into a business and make a difference in its efficiency.  An outsourced RPA developer is an excellent option for many SMBs.

How an RPA Developer can Help an SMB

Helping companies save money through the implementation of bots and automation is one-way RPA developers and consultants can assist a business.  Freeing employees up to focus on higher-value tasks or client-facing ones is part of this savings.  Improving accuracy is also a big benefit.  Bots can work 24/7 and never get bored and distracted and make mistakes.  All of this dramatically increases productivity.  Doing things the same way every single time can greatly improve compliance where this is important.  Finally automating and using RPA will allow for the capture of increasing amounts of data and set a business up for better insights and analytics.

Clearly, RPA Developers and Consultants can help an SMB.  Outsourced RPA developer services can make these roles affordable and bring flexibility to all engagements.  The Glassdoor salaries website states that an RPA Developer earns 99.5K USD a year in Orlando FL, 96.8K USD annually in Buffalo NY and 104.8K USD a year in Reno NV.  North of the US border an RPA Developer will take home 79K CAD annually in Montreal Canada.  These annual salaries do not consider federal and state or province taxes.  They also do not take into account expensive health care and retirement benefits.  Office space, infrastructure, equipment, and other overhead are also cost factors for in-house employees.  An outsourced RPA developer can often be obtained for 30% of these total costs.  Outsourced RPA developer services are flexible and have no long-term commitments.  They can also be ramped up and scaled down quickly.

RPA Developer Staff Augmentation

Staffing options for RPA Developers and Consultants can be in-house or outsourced.  Larger companies may want to consider setting up a CoE or Center of Excellence for ongoing RPA projects and the complete automation and digitization of their business.  A CoE can also be in-house or outsourced.  If a company is considering outsourced RPA developer services those can be offshore or near shore.  Companies may also want to engage with an individual either onshore or offshore for services or contract with a service provider like Valenta.  We believe there are many advantages to working with a service provider specialist.

Any contracted RPA Developers and Consultants should have a bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science.  In some cases, it may make sense to also have a bachelor’s in finance or business.  IT experience and understanding programming concepts is a must.  As is programming experience in specific coding language(s) like .NET.  2-3 years’ experience with specific vendors like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blue Prism is also recommended as is RPA Developer Certifications from the vendors.  Valenta works with all of these providers and has staff trained and certified in their solutions.  Providers of services should also be vetted and evaluated on what countries they are operating in, plus the stability, and infrastructure of those countries.  Any service provider should be providing an internal management layer for their staff and have staff operating out of well-equipped service centers.

Want to Learn More

We trust we have covered the value of RPA Developers and Consultants for SMBs in this article as well as the potential and flexibility of RPA Developer outsourced services.  At Valenta, we are focused on serving SMB clients exclusively.  We provide new economy and information economy roles in addition to RPA Developers such as Python Developers, Cyber Security Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Big Data Specialists, DevOps Engineers, Data Security Analysts, and more.  Valenta provides traditional BPO services like accounting, bookkeeping, administration, billing staff, paralegals, paraplanners, medical scribes and assistants, digital marketers, IT staff, software administrators, and more.  In addition to providing staff augmentation and outsourcing, we also provide business process consulting plus digital transformation services that include automation, RPA, and conversational AI.

We have Managing Partners located in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia.  Our Managing Partners work with other onshore consultants, plus offshore consultants, developers, and managers of outsourced staff to deliver the best services to our clients.  Please find this link to our page about  RPA Developers.  To contact us on this topic or any other, please reach out to us here.