When Should A Business Outsource An RPA Developer Or RPA Consultant?

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The answer to the question of when a business should outsource an RPA Developer or Consultant overlaps with why they should outsource those roles, plus the value of RPA for a business. Technology is changing rapidly. Every recent decade has seen change nearly equivalent to recent centuries. AI, ML, Automation and RPA are changing the way all businesses operate. Bringing in talent to stay current is the biggest reason to hire or outsource any role … and RPA Developers and Consultants are no different.

We are entering a 4th Industrial Revolution and are clearly in an Information Age. The 1st Industrial Revolution was machines, the 2nd electricity and communications, the 3rd was focused on computing, and the 4th is all about the change brought forth by the internet, IoT, and AI. Andrew Yan-Tak Ng a renowned computer scientist and technology entrepreneur stated, “Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI (Artificial Intelligence) will transform in the next several years.”  

Large enterprises and the Fortune 1000 recognized the benefits of AI, ML and Automation right away. Midsized companies and small business often see the benefits, but do not know where to begin or lack the resources to execute strategies on their own. Outsourced RPA developer services and outside digital transformation and RPA consulting can bridge that gap. At Valenta we are providing both and fill the role for SMBs that the big tier 1 consulting and outsourcing firms fill for the Fortune 1000. We are here for SMBs for when they need help with these important roles.

The following are the primary drivers we find for when businesses should outsource RPA developers and consultants.

Lack of RPA experience

SMBs often do not have large IT staffs and the staffs they do have, have not worked on any RPA, AI, or automation projects in the past. Outsourced RPA developer services can bring personnel with years of experience with RPA to SMBs. They can share best practices across a variety of business sectors, as they have typically worked in other companies implementing RPA. Being able to hit the ground running is also a big time savings and comfort factor of working with an experienced service provider of RPA staff. Valenta staff has experience with specific vendors like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, all leaders in the RPA space.

Focus on Core Business

Outsourced RPA developer service providers can allow a business to focus on what it does best. An SMB can focus on its core reason for being in business, … whether that is to provide professional services (accounting, law, medical etc.), manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, supply and logistics, or anything else. It is best to leave RPA and automation to the experts in that field. The best value that owners, executives, and workers at companies can provide to RPA developers and consultants is providing a clear and accurate view of business processes and what are the most painful, boring, or routine and mundane processes in a company. It is these processes that are almost always the best candidates for RPA.

Save Money in the Business

Industry surveys and studies have found that 30-35% of company’s human resource costs are dedicated to non-productive and repetitive tasks. When those tasks can be automated with RPA a significant amount of cost savings can be achieved. Redeploying of people within a company can focus personnel on more customer facing roles to provide better and more individualized service and care to customers & clients. RPA is about unlocking human potential and using the right tool, … a bot for repetitive work, and people for more cognitive work and in person roles. ROIs for RPA projects are often measured in FTE that is saved. FTE stands for Full Time Equivalent which is the workload of a person in a fulltime 40 hour a week 52 week a year role. Any project should demonstrate ROI and good RPA developers and consultants will provide reporting on this whether they are in house or outsourced. 

 Better Productivity & Accuracy

Software bots never get tired, never get bored, never have to take a break, and never have to go off the clock. They literally can work 24/7/365 if necessary. Because they never get tired or bored, they are not prone to human errors.  Once programmed correctly, accuracy rates are near perfect. The offloading of routine, mundane and rules-based tasks to software bots from human workers unlocks human potential and allows the people in the business to focus more on critical thinking, creative thinking, innovation, and have increased customer focus.

Improve Compliance

Many businesses need to document and record for audit or compliance purposes how particular tasks are completed. This is true for simple tasks and tasks that occur in high volume and repetition. RPA can be a great tool to leverage for the latter. Financial, accounting insurance, medical and legal based businesses are all good examples of companies that have compliance requirements. An RPA bot can perform predefined sets of instructions and do them the same way every time. An RPA bot’s tasks can easily be captured and logged, and as a consequence, provide an easy to access accurate audit trail. All these characteristics of RPA make a great case for using it in compliance, governance, auditing, and risk management.

Better Insight and Analytics

Automation and RPA can be used to collect more and better data to analyze and create reports from. Using a bot to interact with customers, clients, patients, and even workers on the front end can assist in the easy capture of a ton of important business data. The automation of data collection and the guarantee that it is getting captured and placed in the applications and programs of a business can do wonders for accurate, prompt, and complete collection of data related to transactions, customer interaction, inventory and more. From there, RPA can automatically run dashboards, publish, and share them. This reporting capability, the reliable capture of data, and automation of business analytics is often an overlooked opportunity for RPA to help a business.

Outsource for Cost Savings and Flexibility

The popular website Glassdoor finds that salaries for RPA Developers are 98K USD a year in Las Vegas NV, 101K USD annually in Chicago IL and 99K USD per year in Cincinnati OH. In Canada salaries are also competitive with an example being 83K CAD annually in Calgary. These salaries are just the average though. The best performers will earn more. These annual salary averages that Glassdoor provides do not reflect the cost of taxes, benefits, overhead, and infrastructure.  When you add all of that together you get the full costs. Outsourced RPA developer services can often fill these roles for 30% of those total expenses. Combining those costs savings plus all the other benefits of RPA and automation, it is easy to see why an outsourced RPA developer is increasingly an attractive option for SMBs.

Want to Learn More

Hopefully, we have covered sufficiently when RPA Developers and Consultants can make sense for a business. We believe that all businesses should have access to these vital roles. Often for SMBs that means having access to outsourced RPA developer services like ours and being able to bring on board an outsourced RPA developer flexibly and cost effectively.

At Valenta we are focused on serving SMB clients exclusively. We provide new economy and information economy roles in addition to RPA Developers such as Python Developers, Cyber Security Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Big Data Specialists, DevOps Engineers, Data Security Analysts, and more. Valenta provides traditional BPO services like accounting, bookkeeping, administration, billing staff, paralegals, paraplanners, medical scribes and assistants, digital marketers, IT staff, software administrators and more. In addition to providing staff augmentation and outsourcing we also provide business process consulting plus digital transformation services that include automation, RPA, and conversational AI.

We have Managing Partners located in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia. Our Managing Partners work with other onshore consultants, plus offshore consultants, developers, and managers of outsourced staff to deliver the best services to our clients. Please find this link to our page about RPA Consultants and Developers. To contact us on this topic or any other please reach out to us here.