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If your web site looks like it was published in 1995, … you might want to look at outsourced marketing services!  If you do not have a Linked In corporate page, you also might want to look at outsourcing your marketing efforts. If your company has zero blog posts, if your company has never published video, or if you have never conducted an email campaign … you might want to look at outsourcing your marketing efforts.

The above are cute questions you can ask yourself. However, here are three more serious questions to ask to determine if outsourced marketing services might be a match for your business.  1) Are you too busy to ever get to marketing efforts?  2) Do you struggle to find the right skills to help you with marketing?  3) Are you paying too much now, or do not think you can afford marketing?

Outsourced marketing services can answer all the above questions. There are also many other reasons to hire a digital marketing agency. The first thing to keep in mind however is that we live in a digital world. Customers interact with all the companies they do business with, in a digital manner. For this reason alone, it makes sense to examine how to outsource marketing and staff augmentation for digital marketing specifically.

In the remainder of this article, we will dive deeper into some outsourcing marketing examples and rationales. We will also highlight how outsourced digital marketing can be a great tool when you are too busy, cannot find staff, or believe that you cannot afford marketing services.

Are you too Busy for Marketing?

Many of the SMB clients we work with tell us they are too busy to find time for marketing. Marketing and especially digital marketing are an activity that pays dividends when an organization focuses on it and is consistent over time.  Marketing and sales are closely aligned. Marketing is about filling the top of the funnel with interested people wanting to learn more about a company’s products and services. For this reason, it simply cannot be ignored.  Businesses of all sizes must find time for it. The outsource of marketing for small business can make a lot of sense.

Some benefits we have seen from increased digital marketing efforts and using outsourced marketing services include, increased web traffic, increased inbound leads and increased sales. We have witnessed success with SEO over time and PPC campaigns as well. We have also witnessed improved customer engagement and improved brand awareness because of the outsource of marketing. The biggest benefit of the outsource of marketing for small business / SMB however is that owners, principals, and leadership can focus on the operations and commercial aspects of their businesses.

Some projects and outsourcing marketing examples where we have seen engagements pay dividends include building new websites or improving current websites. We have seen outsource marketing services create comprehensive content marketing strategies and provide SMBs with consistent relevant content to message and inform customers and prospects with. Consistent social media and email marketing strategies and campaigns are both common actions. Video creation and editing can be outsourced, graphic design can be offloaded and all sorts of blogs, brochures, collateral, case studies and white papers can be published.

Do You Struggle to Find the Right Staff and Skills for Marketing?

Most SMB business owners are not experts in digital marketing. A challenging dynamic when it comes to marketing staff and skills is that although you can find people for hire or contract adept at one area of marketing, it is close to impossible to find someone skilled at all the aspects required for modern marketing. Those skills start with copywriting, and then also include web design, web maintenance, SEO, SEM, PPC, video editing, graphic design, and much more.  Finding all those varied skills is indeed a challenge. If one or even any these skills exist inhouse it is frequently difficult to find the time to stay focused on them when there is the challenge of a business to operate. It is also a chore to stay up to date on the latest trends and tools (remember our reference to the 1995 website at the start of this article!).

Outsourced marketing services can address all the staffing challenges mentioned above. Staff augmentation in digital marketing can fill requirements for all the skills mentioned. At Valenta we are a full stack digital marketing service provider and offer services for all the above on a monthly basis as required. Our typical approach is to allocate X amount of hours for each role every week and provide a comprehensive package of full stack outsource marketing for small business and medium sized business as well. Our services, or those of any other full stack services provider, can be the entire marketing department for a small business, or a supplement to a marketing department reporting to a CMO at a larger mid-sized enterprise.

Do Not Think You Can Afford Marketing?

Hiring people to fill all the skills required to execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can quickly add up.  Finding one person who can do copywriting, web design, web maintenance, SEO, SEM, PPC, video editing, graphic design, and more is not typically possible and results in multiple people being required. This can be a budget buster and outside the level of commitment an SMB can make. What is better than hiring multiple skill sets who might not even be fully utilized for what they specialize in at small business or SMB, is working with a team of highly skilled part time digital marketing specialists headed by a senior marketing strategist. This full stack digital marketing service team is managed by a local or regional senior marketing strategist at Valenta. All our engagements also involve and are led by Valenta managing partners who are coming from the industries and market verticals that they serve. The managing partner knows the business of our clients, and digital marketers who are on shore and offshore, know digital marketing and are up to date on the latest technology and trends.

Want to Learn More?

Hopefully, we have answered the questions of when you should look at outsourcing your marketing efforts. If you are consistently too busy to get to marketing, struggling to find people or all the skills needed, or are not able to afford a comprehensive strategy than outsourced marketing services can be an excellent option. Getting attention devoted to digital marketing and getting it done right makes a lot of sense. The importance of digital marketing for all sizes of business is obvious. We provide outsource marketing for small business and mid-sized business and, as mentioned before, they can be the entire marketing department or a portion of it. It would be our pleasure to have a no charge consultation about digital marketing at any time. We also offer website assessments as a courtesy to any interested potential clients.

If you would like to read more about our services for digital marketing this page provides a lot of good information here.

If you would like to speak with us on this topic or any other, please reach out to us here.