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When you think of business process outsourcing, chances are good that things like accounting and payroll come to mind. There’s a good reason for that – these are among the most frequently outsourced business processes around the world. However, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be outsourced when you have the right partner. For lawyers and small law firms, outsourcing business processes can be invaluable in building a thriving practice.

Why Consider Outsourcing?

As an attorney, the prospect of outsourcing business processes might sound a little strange. That’s particularly true if you operate a solo or small practice. Chances are good that your payroll and accounting needs are pretty minimal. Does that mean you cannot benefit from BPO providers, though? Not at all! In fact, you can achieve some pretty important advantages with the right outsourcing partner.

The benefits of outsourcing with the right company include:

  • Frees your time to focus on mission-critical aspects of your business
  • Increases your ability to handle larger caseloads
  • Provides you with the services of an experienced paralegal without the need to hire a full-time resource
  • Ensures you have access to a broad range of resources that can streamline processes
  • Easy offer value-added services for your client without increasing your workload

Of course, there are quite a few things that you’ll need to know about outsourcing for lawyers and we’ll explore those below.

What Processes Can Be Outsourced?

First, let’s take a look at what you can outsource. As mentioned, the list of potential business processes that you can outsource goes well beyond payroll or accounts receivable and directly affects the services that you can offer your clients and the caseload you can carry. Some of the most important outsourced services include the following:

  • Contract management
  • Digital document creation
  • Legal record management
  • Litigation support
  • Case law research
  • Conveyancing
  • Research and analysis

How much time do you currently spend personally handling the processes listed above? Chances are that it represents a significant amount of time in your usual week. Outsourcing them to a trusted partner with in-depth experience and understanding of the legal field and required ethics allows you to save that time and put it to use in other areas of your practice.

The Need to Delegate

Of course, outsourcing can be challenging for some attorneys. If you’re not well-versed in delegating, it can be a daunting prospect. The challenging issue here is giving up some degree of control over critical business processes. Finding the right outsourcing partner should provide you with some peace of mind. However, also understand that delegation is a learned skill, and you can build your abilities in this area.

How to Let Go and Delegate More

To be successful, you must release the idea that you need to handle every single detail within your practice. If you’re constantly doing everything, then you won’t have time to serve your clients. Every minute you spend bogged down in mundane minutia is one minute that you’re not building your practice and establishing yourself as a leading legal authority.

The single most challenging thing to learn here is how to let go. For lawyers, this is more complicated than for other business owners because of the question of ethics and responsibility. However, if you’re able to build an outsourced team of experts, you can confidently delegate without those worries.

Another consideration here is knowing what to delegate. We’ve answered that question, too – see the list of potential outsourced services in the previous section. And understand that those are just samples of outsourcing activities. You can outsource almost any process you might need as long as you’re working with an experienced BPO firm with in-depth legal experience.

You’ll need to ensure you have accurate, ongoing communication with your outsourced team. With email, text, phone calls, video conferencing, and online chat programs, there’s no reason that you cannot communicate expectations and responsibilities to a geographically dispersed team.

Why Choose Valenta?

As we’ve touched on, outsourcing some of the processes in your law firm can enable you to achieve major milestones. It becomes possible to increase your caseload and deliver better, more professional service to every single client. It also helps ensure that you’re able to develop a reputation for results.

Why choose Valenta as your business process outsourcing partner? Our paralegal service includes experienced in-house lawyers and legal process professionals with in-depth knowledge. We are ISO certified and can offer tailored solutions that fit your needs, as well. Plus, we offer the scalability that you need for success. Use only the services you need when you need them. Ready to transform your law firm? Contact us today.

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