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Many companies these days suffer from not being able to find staff to fill open positions. Still others would like to free up their most valuable employees to do higher value work, be more in front of customers and be able to think and act more strategically. Manufacturing companies are no different in this regard than other sectors of the economy. Staff augmentation for a manufacturing company can help alleviate shortages of skilled workers and make existing employees more productive.

In this article Valenta highlights manufacturing sector challenges, staff augmentation for a manufacturing company, manufacturing back office outsourcing, and the benefits of manufacturing staff augmentation.

Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing companies have a lot on their collective plates. It seems like the companies in this space are constantly needing to rise to the occasion and address new challenges every decade. It also seems like we are now seeing as much change, or even more change in a decade, then we used to see in centuries. Besides dealing with shortages of skilled workers todays manufactures must also deal with supply chain disruptions and rapid changes in technological advances. Constant pressure on margins and costs also drives them to focus on inventory and demand forecasting, and the elimination of waste in their businesses. Todays thriving manufacturing companies are lean and efficient. Increasingly companies of all sizes in the sector are leveraging manufacturing staff augmentation and manufacturing back office outsourcing to achieve maximum efficiency.

Staff Augmentation for a Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing company staff augmentation has many benefits for the companies that take advantage of it.  Acquiring needed skills and getting them into the business is one obvious benefit. Being able to do this more cost effectively is also another big benefit. In our findings, outsourcing can cost one third to one half the total costs of in person staff. These savings can be used to better reward and retain existing staff who are able to work on higher value and strategic work as the result of manufacturing back office outsourcing. Human resources can be time consuming and having another company find and manage staff is a further offloading of work. Staff augmentation for a manufacturing company typically runs on a month to month basis and can ramp up and scale down quickly and as required. Being able to focus existing and in person staff on the core mission of the business is probably the biggest advantage of manufacturing back office outsourcing and staff augmentation for a manufacturing company.

Manufacturing Back Office Outsourcing

At Valenta we provide many different manufacturing company staff augmentation roles. We provide traditional BPO or business process outsourcing roles as well as many new digital economy roles. All of these are useful for manufacturing entities and can help them only focus on hiring and staffing the people required to run and operate their plants and fill out their executive staff. Even at the C-Level Valenta and companies like us can help because we are offering local onshore Fractional C-Level services. The below diagram highlights some of the historical manufacturing back office outsourcing we fill plus several of the information economy and digital transformation roles we provide.

Why Staff Augmentation can help manufacturing companies

Why Pick Valenta for Manufacturing Staff Augmentation

At Valenta we have local Managing Partners in cities, states and provinces across the USA, Canada, the EU, the UK, and Australia. All of our managing partners are available to discuss if staff augmentation and outsourcing might be a fit for your business. We have service centers across the world that are in close proximity to where our clients are.  We offer onshore, nearshore, and offshore services across a variety of roles. Please visit this page on our website to see more of the roles we can provide for manufacturing company staff augmentation. If you would like to speak to one of our local Managing Partners to determine if manufacturing outsourcing services can help your business, please contact us.