A Digital Age Without Barriers: The Real Value of Outsourcing

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In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many more companies are pushing their own boundaries in terms of remote work and outsourcing, going further than they ever thought they might previously out of mere necessity. Not surprisingly, what this is doing is highlighting the fact that most of the world can function remotely, or at least in a much less hands-on way than what most people assume is required. COVID-19 is making a solid case for why ALL businesses should be digitally operational and even providing valuable insight as to how teams could continue to operate remotely for the long term.

This is essentially the same type of solution as offshore outsourcing without barriers. The difference, of course, is that outsourcing also provides a range of other benefits. Keep reading to find out how digital agility is allowing Valenta to help businesses like yours stay ahead of the game now and into the future.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Some of the biggest perks to outsourcing with a service like Valenta include:

  • Cost savings of up to 60%, thanks to lower overhead costs (or no overheads), fewer employees on the payroll, and so forth. Outsourcing is notorious as a solution to cut business operating costs, and that matters now more than ever with the current state of the economy.
  • No hiring and training are required, depending on the outsourcer. This is often reported as one of the biggest headaches for businesses, especially SMEs who often have lower margins.
  • No responsibility for sick leave, annual leave, or employee benefit programs. When you outsource the work, you don’t have to worry about these factors.
  • 24/7 team capabilities, with international offices around the world. Valenta’s clients often report that they send documents across to their offshore team at the end of the day, to return to the office in the morning with all work complete. That’s working smartly and efficiently.
  • Improved customer service, thanks to increased efficiency and better workflows. When your operations and “tasks” are taken care of, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on your business and your customers, which is exactly how it should be.
  • Access to a group of skilled professionals that you may not find in your local area. When you want the best people for the job, searching the entire globe will guarantee that you get exactly that and nothing less.

How Valenta’s Response is Setting the Precedent

Despite being digitally agile already, the COVID-19 has spurned even more agility for Valenta, where 70% of the staff are now working offsite until 31st March at least. However, it’s business as usual for Valenta, where we are still providing every client with the highest level of service and incorporating our own increased security and safety measures to ensure that our staff and clients are protected, no matter what happens.

Being in the business of process improvement and outsourcing, we understand the true value and the very apparent need for digital agility. Now, more than ever, it’s time to close the gap and get on board with streamlined, digital outsourcing solutions and other agile solutions. Every business will be able to fill in the gaps by taking advantage of outsourced professionals where they may not have been able to afford to hire someone permanently.

Imagine all of the areas of your business that could be complemented by having an outsourced service on hand. Outsourcing has no limits or barriers, which means that you get a lot more for your money, and you won’t have to invest as much of your own time and space because you have others taking care of things. You don’t have to worry about things like employee capacity, training, and other hassles related to hiring staff or trying to handle digital operations and capacity in-house.

How to Make Sure Your Team is Prepared

A digitally agile team will be adaptable, tech-savvy, and ready to hit the ground running, no matter the circumstance. They will be able to handle curveballs like the one thrown by the COVID-19 outbreak, without missing even the slightest of beats. How, though, do you go about getting them there?

For starters, assess where you’re at now, in light of the situation forced upon us all by the COVID-19 pandemic. See just how quickly and easily (or not) your company adapted to the changing nature of work and the remote location. If it was rocky, or if you’re still trying to sort it out, you might want to consider outsourcing to help get things on the right track. Agility isn’t just about using technology. It’s about putting the right jobs in the right hands, no matter whose hands those may be.

To learn more about the outsourcing solutions available from Valenta, or how we can help you improve your digital agility for the long term, contact us today.