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Like many industries, the Telecommunications space can benefit greatly from process consulting. Telecom companies play an important role in today’s economy and allow us to stay connected and communicate. At Valenta we serve midsized companies and small businesses. Telecom behemoths have leveraged consulting, outsourcing and software integration services for years. We provide these same services to regional, municipal, rural, and community providers in this space.

In this article we will cover challenges for telecommunications companies, what a telecommunications process consultant does, telecommunications benefits of process consulting, how telecommunications services work, and telecommunications process consulting outsourcing.

Challenges for Telecommunications Companies

It seems like every business today faces a myriad of challenges. Telecom companies face many of the issues other sectors face, plus some that are unique to their space. Updating infrastructure and expensive networks is a challenge that is specific to telecom providers. With exponentially increasing bandwidth demands providers absolutely must have up to date networks. Gone are the days of simply providing service over twisted copper wire. Customers today demand a high level of QoS (quality of service) and QoE (quality of experience). Telecom providers are also under constant pressure to provide new services plus multiple pricing bundles and packages.

Additional Challenges for Telecommunications Companies

Customers these days have increased options and many providers in the space are not in monopoly or duopoly positions any more. Some challenges telecommunication companies share with other businesses include cyber security concerns and utilizing AI. When it comes to telecom providers, they can leverage AI both on networks and in business functions by automating services for customers. Like other portions of the economy, telecommunications companies report challenges related to keeping and retaining staff. They also face issues instituting continuous process improvement programs. A telecommunications process consultant is an obvious fix for this last challenge of process improvement, but they can also help Telecom companies thoughtfully and strategically address all of their other challenges as well.

What a Telecommunications Process Consultant Does

A telecommunications process consultant will offer a fresh set of eyes to any challenge a telecom company faces.  They will always assess, document, and recommend solutions and processes. They can also implement, test, and monitor any agreed upon process improvement. Common outputs of telecommunications process consulting services  include Standard Operating Procedure documentation (an SOP) plus “As Is” and “To Be” docs. A skilled telecommunications process consultant should always map the current processes and analyze them. They will then redesign processes if needed, and test new ones. If there is consensus to implement, they will communicate any changes to the organization, and then implement them. Finally, they will monitor and optimize any changes and get organizations on a continuous improvement path. The processes that can be addressed can be those surrounding basic business functions as well as the big challenges facing an organization.

Telecommunications Benefits of Process Consulting

Becoming more efficient and optimizing a business are the top benefits of telecommunications process consulting services. Costs can be lowered, profits improved, revenue increased, customer satisfaction enhanced, employee productivity and retainment improved, and more. Solving challenges to the business like implementing AI to help manage and monitor a network, or to help with customer support and order intake can also be addressed. QoE is tightly tied to customer retention in this space and telecom service providers will want to use all the tools available to them to have robust networks and services to keep customers happy … and sticky. An often overlooked benefit of telecommunications process consulting services is simply documenting process and understanding it. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. A good telecommunications process consultant can help with this.

Telecommunications Process Consulting Services

In large, mid, or small telecommunication companies telecommunications process consulting services are provided by outside entities. At the largest telecoms these are typically the big mega consulting firms. Telecommunications process consulting outsourcing has not always been available to mid-sized and smaller operators, but at Valenta we aim to fix that. We provide consultants that are coming from the same large firms, but now are on our team. We also have Managing Partners located in cities, states, provinces, and countries who have either telecom or telecommunications supplier experience. Our Managing Partners and onshore and offshore consultants make a powerful combination to provide telecommunications process consulting outsourcing. We always seek to make sure our engagements provide an ROI and are shorter and focused in nature.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about telecommunications process consulting outsourcing, please feel free to reach out. Telecommunications benefits of process consulting include improved execution, innovation, strategy, and process. Telecommunications process consulting services can improve staffing and digital transformation initiatives and also improve revenue and profit growth. We are available for projects that can streamline the back office in areas like order entry and customer service. We can also help with building out networks thoughtfully, managing QoS and QoE, and getting AI into all relevant workflows. Please feel free to find your Local Managing Partner here to determine if telecommunications process consulting services can help your organization.